’71 Fiat 124 BC Sport 1600

This 1971 Fiat 124 Sport Coupe has a long short history, bought New from the original Premier Motors Fiat in West Perth (David Golding) ,early ’72 the first owner Dario Arbusti enjoyed and held for 30 years, only selling in 2002 to Pilipo because he hassled Dario to for over 10 years!(worked with him every day!)  Now Pilipo’s health is stopping him from enjoying the 124 like Dario, so November 2018 ….I am the 3rd Owner !

Some changes through time to the mighty 124 with mixed results, the body is beautiful ,the interior refurbished ,new Koni sport shocks all round and new front arms with bushes, a “Crate Engine” bottom end complete from Cecchele Motors was bought for $3k as the 1600 was worn, unfortunately it is a 1800 not the original 125bc 1600, great for power and driving, no so good maybe for originality and todays collectability value?, It is still in the car with the original camshafts and IDf Weber set-up….and only 2500klms on it from fitting!, same issue goes for the gauges, missing is the 9000RPM Tacho and mile p/hour Speedo for the 1800sport Tacho and Speedo, aftermarket 14″ “Superlite” rims with oversize tyres(215/65-14), replaced the standard steelies, great for cruising but robing the acceleration some what! Now replaced with factory Cromodora CD11 13×5.5 and 205/60 rubber,Pilipo had a old fiat steering wheel and modified it(9 bolts) to hold a Luisi alloy wheel, Now replaced with an my old favourite ……MOMO Prototipo in Black!

Update 11/2018- week2 at the exhaust shop getting the Aussie hurricane 4 into 1 crap headers off and a set of Italian tuned length 4 into 2 into 1 ….in and connected to the original system, found a 9000RPM Tacho on ebay!  The elephant style wing mirrors Pilipo put on…have been replaced with period correct chrome rectangle type ! week3 -Removed 1meter of vac hose to booster and replaced one way valve….Yes I have booster working now! ….with new Master cylinder and a brake system bleed, we have braking how it should be……over boosted and sudden…hahaha!

Update 12/2018- Replaced “RED” Cam Covers with a nice set of clean original ones! then onto IDF’s….Found the Driving “hick-ups” issue after idle and before full throttle!….after re-jetting for an 1800 over the original 1600, we enriched petrol jets to 130 and idle to 55′s keeping F11 emulsions …..found on carby-1 the centre venturi that suck fuel from the bowl were upside down on both! Once taking the top of the IDF and returning the centre plane wings to how they should be…..Perfection!

2019 Plan- Will strip the Engine bay out to remove “Overspray” then put the Fiam Airhorns where they should be facing forwards, replace Cambelt while replacing the “RED” cambelt cover, Replace the later Fiat 131 gearshift stick/knob with a period correct chrome 124 one! Replace front coil springs to match the rears we fitted (Selby) so the car sits flat!…..

Update 3/2020- 124BC went to Nathan for paint last month…….hope its back this year!

Update 3/2021- No not 2020!…it just came much back  and worse than it went in!!!…so back to Wayne in York for a strip and redo!!

Update 4/2021- Motor and box out, strip engine bay and outer of 124 for work at York.

Update 6&7/2021- 2nd week, Wayne is done with the paintwork and its heading to us! 3rd week, Its here!! Now to do post spray paint clean up, remove overspray etc, Strip engine bay and repaint yellow all the “Hard to get ” places, paint black all the original black parts holding water overflow etc…

Update 9/2021- A bit of gap in time on this one but back to it ,this is a big clean up job!

Update 10/2021- Engine bay now repainted! wiring all cleaned up and things back where they should be, Motor (minus ugly Red cam covers and cambelt shield) and Gearbox back in with exhaust, tailshaft etc underneath.

Update 11/2012- Last week of the month must finish properly , only a clean up of overspray on battery cable, radiator, etc then fit ,all from previous owners “Over loved” painting, then a detailing to remove dust etc from panel shops!

Update 12/2021- Now to finish, not much to do left, New battery, fix bonnet stay to look semi-ok as another one seems to hard to find, Painting “Turtle” air cleaner box and major clean up after 2 panel/paint guys with the dust and overspray etc!……Clean fuel tank, Replace fuel and oil filters then a Tune and Service!….Ready for Summer!

Project put on hold due to work load and holidays!

Update – 2/2022- Back to the plan….bonnet with stay on and onto the clean up!! It WILL be ready for the Club “Sunset Run

Update – 4/2022- With the purchase of the “72 Dino 2400 , the mighty “BC” will unfortunately be completed and put into Lloyds Auctions…Need to reduce the herd!





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