“The BM-Autohaus Express”

The “Big Bertha” Project  1990 M.A.N  Touring Coach

A German Autobahn Touring coach, just what we need to go over to Melbourne’s Iconic Race Circuits for Vintage Racing with the family! In the meantime we will set up and use for Albany/Northam/Collie type VSCC weekends and the odd trip away, being 40ft long and having the motor mid-mounted between the front and rear axels, we can adapt the rear to have a drop down Hydraulic Tailgate Lift ,to bring in a Racecar! …Thus leaving about 20-24ft/plus for sleeping 4 and comfortable motorhome living!

Update 1/2019- Spider bomb the bus so I can pick it up!!….week2- it is now at Workshop!! a presurewash is in order, but only for cobwebs not oil leaks!……then a major lookover, plan repairs for reliability and the total transporter Project!!










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