Damian’s e10 2002 Resto’


This nice 1974 BMW 2002 was brought in from the Eastern states, Stripped and sent of to Vince at Intersmash for bodywork tidy up, after much discussion and parts buying like twin carb’ manifold, Warmish Camshaft….it has landed with us ……!

Update 4/2019- In and out of the shop same day! …Remove Engine and box for us to upgrade and restoration, then car back to Intersmash for engine bay strip and paint!…Now to see what we have to work with!

Update 5/2019- Engine and box split, motor on stand ,head of and inspected, Reco’ E21 head supplied and now bottom end needs tobe inspected, WOW those Original BMW crank and Rod bearing are like NEW!!….strip bottom end and moving onto lightly hone/scuff bore for new rings and clean by end of month, buying in gaskets/seals and ARP head stud kit .

Update 8/2019- The little beast is still with panel and paint, we had to go back and strip out the engine bay due to that now getting done, soon to be carrying on with the motor!!

Update 1/2020- with quite a break from work on this one ,with workshop change to Bosch, now back on it this month with Reco head to receive the new Camshaft and a light porting!…Bottom end is apart for measuring, cleaning and replace bearings and seals!





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