’82 Fiat 131 “Goldilocks”


As seen on …and bought from FB T124 page….this Golden ’82 Fiat 131 SuperBrava was enjoyed by Brothers Con and Joe in NSW, has several unique to Ross Smith Fiat torque go-fast bits , like Extractors, “unknown” Spec’ Camshafts and the Twincarby manifold , Weber DCOE45′s.

Love the AGI Rollcage ,from the boys in NSW that know how to make a Proper cage!!

Again a car bought just before an “Albany Classic” Round the houses Race…so in a hurry to make comply with VSCC Regulations, Why buy another 131 Racecar you say?? Benny has a brother!! …. What can be better than buying a car from brothers ,for another set of brothers!!





Update 5/2019- week -1 Car has arrived in CEVA Holding yard Maddington! Get to the shop inspect, This is going to be a big Month! making Race ready…..plan of attack for “Albany” first up is all the “Advertising” stickers banned from Vintage Racing, then make front indicators work along with horn and internal demister….a NEW Exhaust system is done(65mm) and an Oxy Sensor bung welded on for exhaust after the collector for AFR readings while on the Dyno!  Stud Kit bought same as on the white 131 on its way from USA, oils changed and all sump plugs drilled / wired for VSCC Race compliance!

...week-2  – Carry over Race Prep’…Fire Extinguisher, Dorian and Race Seatbelt fitting, Starter button bypass ignition wiring new door numbers(#33)  “Goldilocks” off to Steve’s Dyno to get jetting done ,then find out what HP and Torque we have to play with!….Just for “Expedience” ,we have used the other 131′s superlites with used “R” Specs , just repainted in…Gold!fixed rust hole LHR under tail light and RHR wheel flare rust and paint in primer...Scrutineering end of this week!!!!

...week-3- Passed Scrutineering no-probs!….just put #33 on the doors…and Dyno,…only 120hp on 34 Venturi’s  WTF????…Yuk..will upgrade and retune on 36mm Venturi!! with Steve next week!

…week-4 dyno again with 46mm venturi, 135hp and 190Nm torque, a better more usable power range ,gone from 2000-5000 to 3500-6500RPM

Update 6/2019- Goldi with Benny driving, performed well at the Albany Classic! only 1sec behind the other 131!….but needs rear disc conversion and a better set of camshafts!!!

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