’75 Fiat 124 Sport “Renato”


This latest purchase for Restoration is a car I have known something about over the years, the Italian Godfather to my sons ,Renato.R bought this 1975 fiat 124 Sport (1800) in the early 80′s and sold it in the early 90′s, this is after a few mods of twin 40IDF webbers and cams from the BC1600 , loosing contact with this 124 as it was “Played with” by next owners it has ended up with Angello .V ,much patchwork rust repairs and mod’s that I would not do that way, a131 gearbox is a nice upgrade but not to cut the tunnel to fit, 131 has 2 types of gearshift , a remote Abarth style that was used and a direct that would fit the 124 no-mods!! the 132 diff was a nice upgrade as was the Recaro seat and interior job. Angello after striping down to metal and rust holes bare bones for a proper Resto’, shocked at what was there, came to a stop with other thigs taking him away from the car, 4 years later with Daughter doing well at Karting, made the decision to sell and spend the money on the karting,

Angello this is going to get the “Royal” treatment, Wayne will remove the dodgy panels etc and paint the inside and out ….that original and unique Green!

Update 8/2019- Take to Wayne in York for plan of attack!!

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