’88 Lancia Delta Integrale HF




This sad looking 1988 Lancia Delta HF Integrale came my way from a friend Jeff, that I bought my first Red BMW E30M3 from back in 2001!…..It was to be his but just finish a “Carlos Sainz” Celica GT4 and didn’t want to do this one, offering to me missing Grill and headlights ,but having the correct wheels ,interior, etc was happy to take !! from the pictures he gave me, can assume the Lancia was originally a “Nero” ,NOT “Rosso Corsa” as pictured, the Engine bay and where the badges are missing is…Nero (Black)! Shipping this month(Aug2019) Not sure what to do with this one, will see when here as to condition and originality!

UPDATE 9/2019-  Lancia has been delayed shipping to OCTOBER… NOVEMBER…DECEMBER???……Meanwhile Grill and complete headlight assemblies have been bought and arrived from the U.K! 

UPDATE 1/2020- Shipping DELAY ?? Febuary….March…Now April??

Update 4/2020- Its here!….Yep it needs parts and work !!!…but nothing we can’t do easily! missing Disi and cap, starter motor and ECU  …time to go shopping!






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