’66 FIAT 217D 1100T3


Bought from a chance look at FB Marketplace, This 1967 Australian delivered  FIAT 1100T3 Furgone (217D) is in average condition considering it age, it is complete but in need of “Full”Restoration! This is going to be a Small Car Transporter ,in the theme of “Abarth Servicio Corsa” …Carrying my Abarth 850TC or Abarth OT1600 or Fiat 600Multipla when done…The “Matchbox” Collection!

Update 10/2019- Trip to collect in Achuca Victoria ,being set up for mid-November!

Update 11/2019- It’s in WA Now 17/11/19!….a set of tyres first up so we can roll it around! ,then a cradle/trolley will be fabricated so a full strip and restoration can happen,

Update 12/2020- Yep not much happen to this project this year, but have bought New column gearshift linkage, inner and outer door handles and window winders…looking at a NOS gauge set!

Update 4/2021 - Yep still collecting parts….Now have new original grill and hubcaps….News, this little beauty is getting an engine upgrade, not much but a model newer in this chassis and a going good motor the 1438cc pushrod from a 124special was used in the T4, this being a T3 is not that far from original, but has great benefits like a spin on oil filter……Oh year and 40 more horses Haha!

Update 3/2022- Not much to report, sitting in York on a hoist (yes not outside anymore)

Update 5/2022-…OK this 217D is a bust, no more love for this one, well almost, Yes the chassis is to far gone but the cabin and running gear is all serviceable, so this will make it after reco’, to the new purchase! Yes another 217D!! Bought a Red one from Tony in Castlemaine Victoria, minus…you guessed it, the running gear.

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