’05 BMW e46M3 “CSL” Upgrades

Purchased a clean 12/2004 Bmw E46M3 from Mervyn T ,with the purpose of making a “CSL” without worrying about how I enjoy it or the hefty price tag!, not skimping on the quality mechanicals but not starting at $170k either! Having had a 2004 e46m3 before know what I am attempting….but didn’t want to start with a Black one like I had! Luckily the Previous owner to MT had the rear end reinforcement plates done , New SMG pump, put a quality MSA coil over system in and had a Supersprint back box fitted, This is a very good starting point I think!

Update 12/2019- After an Inspection replaced engine mounts, next the front caster bush’s and rocker cover gasket, meanwhile hunt down a CSL bits….Carbon-Fibre Intake (Got one!!) ,Alpha-N system and 19″ wheels(got them and on the car too!!)!! inspecting Exhaust system, love the Supersprint backbox but not a fan of the magnaflow centre section…So Its off to Jeff for a custom twin S/S centre section!!….I have bought the mountings for my Sparco seats !!

This will be a slow process as it is for Me!, all paying work is before mine, except on Saturdays…..

Update 1/2020- New Rocker cover Gasket and upgraded caster bush arrived to be fitted!



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