’70 Fiat 124(B)Special


A long time friend of ours, Vick M dropped into the workshop one day and told me about this very Original unmodified 1970 Fiat 124 (B) special , stunned at it was a White one same as my first car! …I said will buy it!… he laughed as he had bought it already, then rubbing salt into the wound, told me it was a one lady owner from Tasmania brought with her as family moved to Perth 35 years ago, she died and the 124 was put into¬†storage never to be sold, till 20 years after her passing and the son didn’t want to keep paying licencing , it was costing him a fortune!!. Vick being a busy man with a pizza and food wholesale business , sold to me after we pestered him everytime he came in…Hahahaha sorry Vick!

Update 12/2019- Picked up mid-month and we will attempt to start the motor, using the re-kited Holley carby Vick asked me to do only aweek before selling to me!

Update 1/2020- Sofar the mighty 124B has received an electric fuel pump, cleaned out fuel system including tank, new brake master cylinder and wheel hoses, flush and bleed with the good stuff, fitted that rekit carby we did for Vick, fit the new factory exhaust header pipes then flush cooling system . Now week4 it is off to Geoff at Carline for a new exhaust system after the fresh headers!

Update 2/2020-¬†after the new exhaust its stripped and at the painter for a clean up!…back in March

Update 3&4/2020- Covid-19 delay???

Update 7/2020- Painting done, just a rear panel to clean up abit and ready to collect! Mow to buy tyres for original style 13″Alloys…will get back and fit new headlights from Franco!

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