’70 Fiat 124(B)Special


A long time friend of ours, Vick M dropped into the workshop one day and told me about this very Original unmodified 1970 Fiat 124 (B) special , stunned at it was a White one same as my first car! …I said will buy it!… he laughed as he had bought it already, then rubbing salt into the wound, told me it was a one lady owner from Tasmania brought with her as family moved to Perth 35 years ago, she died and the 124 was put into┬ástorage never to be sold, till 20 years after her passing and the son didn’t want to keep paying licencing , it was costing him a fortune!!. Vick being a busy man with a pizza and food wholesale business , sold to me after we pestered him everytime he came in…Hahahaha sorry Vick!

Update 12/2019- Picked up mid-month and we will attempt to start the motor, using the re-kited Holley carby Vick asked me to do only aweek before selling to me!

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