Makka e30 S50B32

This is a long and twisting story that starts with Makka’s purchase of a dead stock standard white E30 323i, lovely car just painted but STOCK, nice but Makka doesn’t like stock standard (we understand!) purchasing a m50b25 package from us ,then hunting down extras he liked….M-tech-1 bodykit, Recaro seats, Rotorform wheels etc.etc was heading towards a nice modified e30, then (9/19) out of the blue we get a call, “Is a s50 conversion any harder?” Not much I said due him having most of the hard to get bits, the correct gearbox,etc, so out with the m50 and now the S50B32 job!

Update 9/2019- M50 Engine and box out reading for the S50 to arrive, meanwhile common bit needed for the s50 seperated from the m50 conversion

Update 10/2019 - S50 arrived with a load of bits broken and some missing….list time, meanwhile need to sort extractors out to suit, unfortunately Makka was sold as “Guaranteed to fit” at exorbitant price that yes Don’t fit! All bits in common from m50 conversion onto s50 and readying for e30, sump swap etc!

Update 11/2019 to 2/2020- Not much happening due to workshop refit, just removal of lovely M-tech kit and mags wheels to look Standard again, fitting of Recaro sports seats and drift steering wheel, reversal of 5stud conversion to make the car look “Standard” S50B32 in on its mounts with box and tailshaft etc.

Update 3/2020- Back into it now when available, water hoses and head plug done and in, Extractors by Andrew mostly done with one pipe left for us to finish the exhaust out of engine bay!, done and off to Geoff for the single 3″ system! Week-4 Full Stainless 3″ Exhaust system done and car picked up!

Update 4/2020- Slowly getting through the “Parts Missing” list for standard bits that should have come with this S50b32, fuel pressure Regulator and fittings, head plug and some timing sensors, so ordered new cam and crank sensors but order cancelled due to CV-19 all deliveries from Germany on hold!, now need to go to trusty eBay to buy, we have  robbed the FP Reg’ from another s50 motor we have …. so onwards!…at the same time checking out were and how to fit a oil cooler that s50 needs and early e30 has no room for! ….a look at the engine wiring harness, to remove the SMG(semi-auto),Traction/ABS and EWS (anti-theft) from , so the EWS deleted Engine management system will be fine!

Update 5/2020- Awaiting delivery from the UK on a new manual engine harness( no SMG or Traction control) and German delivery of the engine sensors!  Meanwhile oil cooler and aux-fan mounted done!

Update 6/2020- Wiring harness is in from the UK as is most of the timing and knock sensors…just the crank angle sensor to come! the oil cooler lines are next! List of parts missing from purchased engine now done with good second hand parts bought and fitted, oil cooler lines done and in, wiring to thermo fan to be modified from old style to a single , now to refit wiring to new engine sensors….except the crank sensor not arrived yet!!

Update 7/2020- After refitting engine sensors and one side of motors engine harness, done special dipstick to have oil return….my back is out…Now mid-July can only do work standing up... 14th back is just ok…try to get on this wiring, knock sensors and connection to harness done, e30 temp mod done to e36 harness, alternator and starter all done…now to tidy up harnes into hiding in motor brackets,then pull rest of harness apart to fit into e30 locations!

Update 10/2020- With work continuing on wiring , connection to e30 early from S50B32 done, but still has no fuel pump trigger or injector pulse, with being supplied the ecu with motor from eastern states ,have found the harness was off a SMG, replacing that with one from a UK manual car thought we fixed that, now we learn the ECU is a 50.1 SMG ! so this needs to be sent off for verification of EWS delete and if manual or still looking for SMG triggers!… month?

Update 12/2020- ECU went off to Matt Greshm in NSW…back mid month and tested,YES!! it was the ecu all along….. having the ecu returned a last quick look over wiring, a tidy up and YES it starts, Runs and is all good!…Now to finish this beauty!

Remove old water reservoir bracket then clean up and paint , fitting swaybars with boot mount mods. Now the drivers side looks too good, we have to clean up and paint the other side!

Update 1/2021- So undercar finished with “extras”…swaybars etc bled brakes again…back to engine bay pass’ side, bracket free and repaired, onto painting then can go back to the original job of conversion!

Update 2/2021- Engine bay Refinish, this time Pass’ side inner guard, with under dash done, the ignition contact set replaced and all wires finished and tucked away it is onto the power steer reservoir relocate away from hitting CF Air intake , then to final fit CF intake with breather hoses after shortening the sensor height to make it sit in the centre of the intake pipe, as it does on the original airmass meter, extended air temp sensor wiring etc…. Mid-Month - with carbon fibre intake, hoses and mod to air mass meter etc done .we are on the home stretch , time to tidy wiring around the now fitted CF inake, power up the auxiliary fan by sensor or switch (no trigger to relay) redo wiring on bulkhead fitment to go around fitted CF intake and need relocate 3relays! …Engine Bay Finished!!

Update 3/2021- Again the last 5%….with Conversion complete we find clutch kit and flywheel combination supplied to us is not compatible, so gearbox out once more! Now with a spare set that is compatible in and done “After hours” to keep this rolling ,we found a air leaking and Vanos misbehaving, causing a stutter and poor response at low revs…we are back on track and wanting to handover this week!!!!


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