Tristram’s e30 M54B30



Tristram came to us awhile ago with his beautiful late model e30 sedan(love the blue), we did a 5stud conversion (2019), later returning for long term Conversion (2020),unfortunately came at the wrong time, but with a very understanding owner!, We took on and started his m54 conversion, the unfortunate part? by the time came back our shop was moving towards a “Bosch Service Centre”  so the strip and paint shop ,refit to suit the Bosch dealership , along with some health issues! ….Next hurdle one mechanic down we are into a very slow conversion! With m40 4 banger out and m54 in on its mounts we are hit with a major health problem that stops everything,  not helping was another e30 conversion holding us up with S50B32 Engine ECU and supplied engine failure …with other exrtas added along the way.…All that not a fulltime issue now, we are as of  late-March 2021 finally onto this one !

Update 2020- Engine and gearbox in on mounts as is the Tailshaft. an overview of supplied Engine harness adaptor kit for m54 to e30 by Mat Grisham (good quality gear!).

Update 3/2021 – With a stalling of the start this year we are now sorting out our direction with a plan to do this conversion. With Headers done and fitted we move onto radiator and hoses

Update 4/2021- laying over the engine wiring harness and where to put the ECU! Gearshift extension not back from alloy welder yet an issue!

Update 5/2021- Now we can get back work as Finally the gearshift is back from the alloy welders!..That is in and onto the water hoses ,overflow tank in factory position connected up!

Update 7/2021- With the m54 to e30 harness adaptor from Matt Greshm, we are on the wiring and ECU placement under glovebox, once removed all automatic and (after cat)Oxy sensors from  harness  with a tidy up….

Update 8/2021- Moving along now with wiring through bulkhead and ECU placement sorted, next up to fit intake back and start connecting everything up so wiring can find its place, most is hidden in factory plastics!

Update 9/2021- All ECU and modified wiring track done and finished

Update 11/2021- Back into this one…Intake manifold on with modified dipstick suiting oil return to sump through m50e34 sump(front holding) ,Redo feed pipe to purple tag powersteer rack from pump, New e46 fuel filter with built in fuel pressure regulator in and mounted, intake bellows and airmass meter in….SHE HAS SPOKEN ! The m54 has made noise!!!

Update 12/2021- Now to finish up in the Engine bay, run the fly by wire accelerator cable over to the pedal and installed both , bleed clutch (after auto to man conversion), Jeff the exhaust guy to completed exhaust system, back at shop for final bits and bobs……After xmas….Opps a water leak from m54 engine supplied, that and a few paint jobs like fix a small issue on rear panel, window surrounds will take this job into January (my month)2022……

Update 1&2/2022- We have moved along , exhaust done, removed intake manifold and repaired alloy housing with a replaced plastic heater pipe to fix constant water leak, ok back on track with repaired rear panel and painted!…Now awaiting Air Cond guy and a 3 1/2″ pipe for air intake to happen

Update 3/2022-  Custom 3 1/2″ s/s intake pipe is done along with heat shield , we have a booking for the Aircond to be modified and gassed, viscous fan is modified and fitted as is the new water temp gauge sender unit….so just the Aircond left!!

Update 4/2022- Finished and delivered!….

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