Franco’s 124 Twincam Motor

This Fiat twincam 1800 refresh and performance upgrade was for Franco Preo ,a founding member of the Fiat Car Club in 1981!, Now called Fiat Lancia car club of WA, Franco has campaigned his Fiat 124(B) Special for as long as I can remember!! with rust and time limited due to work the mighty 124 sat for many years…Now seeing the light of day with a huge effort from Franco and alot of new panels , it is starting to look like it should again! This has been a favour to a mate as he has done for me many a time, a pleasure to build a motor that will bring motoring fun back to him!

Update June 2020- Lightly port Twincam head and IDF Manifold to suit 44′s, send head for machining! Now to strip block and check for suitable use, paint strip and pressure wash 20 years off it! Head back from machine shop and now to assemble, shim set with supplied 36/76 reground cams…find full opening 10.1mm lift @110deg, 2.2mm lift @TDC

Update July 2020- While my back has limited use….Build a motor! ….block reassemble with new gaskets and seals after painting in Fiat Blue. Fit Reconditioned Head with big cams after valve lash done with shims, giving 2.5mm lift and 3mm valve to piston clearance @TDC with cams in correct position!..Done Finito!


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