Bill’s BMW M10 to s14 16v!

m10 2.3ltr!


2 litre m10 block  in the 2002 with a complete and standard e30M3 S14 16v topend!

The casting of s14 engine block will not fit 2002 engine mountings, as the block mount points are all further forward and totally different type compared with m10′s. I was told this conversion could not be done, again,  just as we were when I did a m30(735) to m88(m5) 24v head back in the mid 90′s! I know that BMW Motorsport started with the m10 engine to make an s14 anyway, just as they did with m88/s38 from the standard m30 of the day. So to make a start, we purchased an m10 block from a BMW club member and having some as-new condition spare and standard s14 engine gear left over from the race s14 2.5ltr engine builds, I thought how hard could it be!  The very best BMW Motorsport did, with the m10 block to make more power was ……OK! that was the 80′s F1 engine!  But next after that had to be the e30M3 S14 motor!  I’m thinking this motor is in “Club Spec”: lightly ported and cleaned up inlet and exhaust ports, all new rings, big end and main bearings, all to suit freshly bored block with the original M3 Mahle pistons. All new crank seals and gaskets and from head gasket upwards all cleaned up standard e30M3 s14 2.3, will make a very nice 2002 or “M2″ as they call it!……Reading on the net from Germany the 2002 guys say the power to weight ratio of the s14 in a 2002 {a M2?]makes it much faster than an original e30m3!

Issues along the way have been piston top to suit 4 valve combustion chamber fly cuts in the pistons and compression ratio (fixed, use the m3 pistons!),  a small square hole for gravity fed oil return, rear corner of head on the s14 ,has no such thing on the m10 block, so blocking the drain on the s14 cambox in the lower corner and then drilling a hole/path from the cambox to top of head next to drain hole leading down to the valve springs etc, makes a clean direct path for the oil to return to the sump and crankcase breathing in the same position as the m10 block!  next the oil breather and separator system on Tii’s run through a tube sticking out in the side of the block casting just above the dipstick but the s14 is in the top of the lower half of the alloy sump after passing through the separator placed under the starter motor. One shock difference is the amount of veins and how large the impeller is on the s14 water pump over the m10′s!   However some things are the same as s14 on the m10 and should be no suprise, parts like front timming and rear crank covers to block, chain guides, most water and all oil holes on block face. The m10 front cover had the chain tensioner on it, once removed and a core plug was fitted the front crank seal hole made 5mm larger is the same as factory supplied s14!  The standard S14 head gasket then fits as it should, timing chain etc . All m10, s14 crank journals and bearings sizes are the same type and size, those wacky Germans!

Action - The block came back from the machine shop looking like new, thanks to Neil and the guys at Engine Exchange Bayswater. New rings, bearings, gaskets, etc from Pelican Parts in the U.S  have arrived,  and in record time!  The block is painted gloss black and its assembled! The s14 crank rods and pistons are in as is the cam-chain and guides. The modified m10 front cover has had the tensioner tube chopped off reamed and a 20mm core plug pushed in, then the front crank seal hole machined from (m10)55mm to (s14)60mm and fitted, the m10 block face needs the water holes drilled between the bores to suit the s14 head and gasket. Finally fit the s14 head to the m10 block ,done! the cambox has been modified for the oil to drain into m10 standard block, s14 cams, buckets, manifolds,engine harnis ,etc have been fitted . We have used the s14 alloy sump with tin lower but the all tin m10 2002 sump is supplied as well, just in case the nice alloy will not fit the older 2002 !

** SOLD on eBay! , Congratulations Bill from Victoria!!  Now he is fulfilling that dream of building a BMW 2002 (M2) with the famous Motorsport S14 motor, I have now completed this very special engine to running status, fitting both inlet multi-throttle body and exhaust manifolds, adjust all 16 valve lash shims, plug in all s14 wiring ,attach 2002/m10 engine mounts, do a oil return for the s14 inlet plenum chamber down to m10Tii block, strip/paint and wizz up the rocker cover and intake plenum in Satin black so it looks as fresh! ………all this for Bill to just drop into his ’02!

…..Well that’s not all true…….Bill will still have a few little jobs to do(mainly because I can’t see them from here and the car is 3500k away!) like screw in the temp’ gauge sensor (maybe a single pole type?)from the 2002 on the s14 water pipe, modify the Rally exhaust headers (left loose) if needed and then cut and tig weld the alloy piece from a spare e30m3 bell housing he will get from me, to use the the crank and speed sensors at the flywheel of the s14 EMS,  the heater hoses to the cabin from the rear of the water pump and rear of head if used, if not will need capping, oil lines to oil cooler if used(recommended) water bypass hose to header tank and last on the list is radiator and hoses!

Now that the Engine is complete,the Evo Flywheel and clutch kit is on ,the lot is being plastic wrapped then packed into a crate with some wheels Bill bought all ready to go. Today 2/11/12 it has gone! Road Freight to Bill for the dream 2002 to get a New Heart!

I do hope once the little jobs are done, you Love every moment in your dream 2002(M2) Bill!!!












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