’95 Ferrari F355GTS


Bought from Lloyds Auction in Early 2020, from a phone call heads up by Damian C. shortly before Auction ended!! this 1995 Ferrari f355 (2.7) 6speed manual has some patchy history before imprting and since here in Australia, I do think because some bad hands touch it! Imported from Italy in 2002 with a “Reasonable RHD conversion done (except brake pipe butchering) by workshop unknown ,Up on the hoist it is not bad underneath, a small oil leak and yes the “Engine Out” Cam belts will need doing otherwise very clean! ..(mid-2020)Onto the reason the rear brakes won’t bleed up, the power assist pump and accumulator is seized! So $2k later we have on and it now pressurizes the Master cylinder/ABS unit but still no fluid to the rear callipers! Removing all callipers sending to Perth Brake parts to recondition with braided S/S brake lines all refitted ,still no fluid even after making sure front to back steel brakeline is clear, next onto the Master cylinder /ABS unit….

Update 12/2020- Well $16k from the U.K to replace is not on!…bought one from the same S.Aust wrecker the power assist pump and sphere came from at just over $2k again!

Update 1/2021-  Tubi rear Exhaust system purchased along with De-Cat pipes ,”Airbag” delete Momo Steering wheel with resister for the airbag sensor…..

Update 2/2021 - With only  Saturdays to work on my cars….Its back onto trying to remove the old brake master cylinder…brake nuts butchered to beyond belief! …how this is , is beyond me if you have the Correct Spanners!!! while off have noticed a slight rusting of the surface under the brake master, must have leaked or just been filled badly and spilt on the black paint. so rub back and repainting needed(along with rust proofing!) Mid-Month- so next chance I get its to fit the new ABS/Brake Master now the flare nuts replaced and pipe redone to suit!

Update 12/2021- A quick look over this month for the shitty RHD conversion for brake system, remove a 40a fuse from the earth side to pump…Idiots!...All Planned repairs for 2022!!


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