Joel’s E30 “UBER”


This 1988 BMW E30 325 LHD may look familiar?….It if the Famous E30 used for many a Engine package upgrade ,everything from 2.3/2.5 S14 4Bangers to M60 V8! Raced in a local Tarmac rally by myself and onetime substituted for Vito’s M3 had an issue with a Vernier camwheel  …Now in the loving hands of Joel, it is being built from ground up to what he has always wanted (warms a old Enthusiasts heart!!) , Now going for the “Club Spec” S50B30 and everything else out of the e36M3, running gear package , But a unique stem never done to this one ,the widebody of E30M3 , minus the big boot lid , rear window and wing! Joel has thought more about this cars

** Joel when has time (works elsewhere) is a “Hands on”  Owner build project….

** This is a “After Hours” Project ,not a Priority retail job, Done for love of the Son!!

Update 2020- Not much! ….After Joel fitted the e36M3 suspension including big brakes etc, it Mostly sat at panel beaters having the widebody and exterior paint done.

Update 1&2/2021- With time hard to find, Joel has replaced the crank and rod bearings ,changed the oil sump to E34m50 ,fitted the genuine “Supersprint” Stainless Extractors, Lightened flywheel and heavy duty clutch all ready to put package into the e30!

Update 3/2021- On the first weekend repaired the Engine bay inner guards from bracket removal, primed and painted, run wiring to headlights etc, next weekend put S50b30 in on its mounts!

Update 4/2021- Now with the upgraded flywheel and clutch kit arriving, the gearbox and tailshaft is back in, so the camber plates to the Coil over kit.


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