BMW e30M3 Convertible (Rep)



Yes I have always wanted what I can’t have…the very rare Convertible version of my e30m3! So having built many race and club spec’ e30m3′s , I have a stockpile of hard to find S14 and unique to e30m3 parts like motorsport 5stud Suspension, S14b25 Engine and dogleg box and all electrics to run it. So buying a straight BMW 1990 e30 320i manual Convertible as a base is a good start, buying front and rear metal m3 guards unique to the convertible along with the last New skirt kit out of the U.K (thanks Pete) I now have most of what is needed to start!…Everything in this build will be original BMW parts, not fibreglass or replica parts in any way!!…

Update 2021- Looking through the collection for original parts and putting aside as so I dont sell like Front and rear original bumpers with all mountings, m3e30 tailshaft and LSD

Update 3/2021- Gathering the desired parts for this build, 3pc BBS RS 16″, original Cluster set, 48mm Throtlebody set with factory alloy Ramtubes, Schrick 284/276 camshafts, a new S14 head…..

Update 4/2021- Interior is to be the Full Black leather with “M” stripe in the top left corner of each seat, all seats now being done by Lance in Manjimup, front guards have been bought as has the unique side skirts with all fittings

Update 6/2021- Having a 2.5 s14 bottom end from Vito’s Racecar with little wear on it, a standard 16v s14 head was bought from the U.K last year, now crack tested modified machined ready to assemble with Schrick 284/276 camshafts !




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