’98 BMW e36Compact Upgrade



Having built a few of these over the years for others, a white 1998 BMW316i Compact came up for sale(10/21) ,that was way to good to pass up a build for ME! Body is straight and rust free, good clean Exterior and interior, she has only travelled 94400klms! came with New Coilovers already fitted…and Licenced!! , So a good car as a daily driver I think, but only after the spare M3 S50 motor ,running gear lying around is used…..Im doing it!

Future Options? - Sport (318Ti) Body kit, 17×8″ Breyton alloys, Carbon Fibre Airbox, Supersprint Extractors….M3Evo Hubs and Brakes!…25mm Hamann motorsport front swaybar…… However at the moment ,the “Granny Spec” exterior is making me think of only doing the Mechanical upgrades and leaving it looking as is….making her a “Sleeper” or “Q-car”

 Update 10/2021- Well it arrived at the shop then parked up, Getting the Evo 3.2 sump and pump cleaned ready, single mass flywheel with h/d clutch kit, M3 radiator/hoses  and oil cooler kit ready .

Update 11/2021- Roll it in on a Friday arvo with Benny, remove the m43 and bits, at the same time I get the engine bay prep’d , remove ignition coilpack and power steer reservoir mounts , then onto Evo sump and pump on the motor, fit flywheel, clutch kit and 5 speed Mbox, try to fit in !!!..Evo sump hits 316 front sway bar, remove it and then fits in on e28 rubber mounts, Saturday we continue with conversion to Manual from Auto pedals, AKG short shifter, E30M3 tailshaft with a LSD4.64, *Next up on after hours time…Now that the battery can no longer fit in engine bay, we will need to run power cables through the factory hole under dash to fit a Isolator key in the glovebox and cable to rear for temporary new battery placement, a battery box will be handmade to suit later ,mounting a battery key in the glovebox…last week of Nov’, Exhaust places are all booked out..so doing a “Bitza” job done with what is hanging around here! Battery still needs temporary fitting in boot area,  raised adjustable coilovers to get off the hoist! bled newly fitted clutch master and slave…join reverse wires and refit centre console….TEST DRIVE!..It is a handful of fun with 300hp on old tyres and a LSD!! …Last week of Nov’-Refitted Centre console with insulation from tunnel ,tidy wires from auto-man conversion with reverse light mod, refit under dash and rubber grommets through bulkhead for clutch master cylinder ,tie down battery in rear, refit front and rear seat after running battery cable through the cabin under the carpet.

**She is out of the shop and on the road !!

Update 12/2021-  With drivers door card repaired(No More Nails tube) ,fit new fuel filter and do Oil Service!!

Update 2022- Change complete front brakes to M3 with original hubs?…….. e30 HD sway bar to rear?…tint the windows, Carbon fibre intake ??

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