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Enthusiastically Caring for German and Italian Motor Vehicles, Specialist BMW Repairer and Performance Tuner  for 40 years .

BM-Autohaus meet all Australian Automotive Industry Standards and have all Trade Certifications (Authorized Premises Licence No MRB5101)

We are members and support  Motor Trade Assoc’(MTA)  and  Institute of Automotive Mechanical Engineers(IAME) 


Location: Unit-1, 14 Vale Street Malaga, Western Australia

**All Work By Appointment Booking only**

Email: bm-autohaus@iinet.net.au

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Workshop phone - (+618) 9249-2274 

Monday to Friday- 9 to 4 …..BUT Please Call or Email to make an Appointment as I maybe out picking up parts!



BM-AUTOHAUS got it’s start December 2007   in the same building in Vale street with BM-Auto Engineering, Rubin’s first and original BMW business for 16 years (1995),Sold BM-Auto Engr and Started BM-Autohaus in 2009 with a move to the Showroom infront for Importing and licencing of Imported Classic Cars , the direction change due to health and to reflect Rubin’s personal car interests and collection,……. Supporting and Sponsoring German and Italian Track cars etc , with our participation in “Round the Houses” VSCC Series as a family Raceteam still today, Then taking back the complete building in 2012 to take on his eldest Son Benny as an Apprentice, followed by the young one in 2016…..


Rubin Sadique AIAMERegistered Licenced Technician #MR2115 got his interest in Motorsport from 1976 by Racing Motocross , enjoying that a lot but not winning much until only a few races towards the end, stopped shortly before becoming one of the founding members in the Fiat Car Club of WA Inc in September 1981 (President 1992 ,1993 & 2016!) Enjoying modifying and Competing in many Fiat, Lancia and Alfa models very successfully including his ’71 Fiat 850 sport coupe Engineered to have a Suzuki SOHC head and twin DCOE40webers! ….later when he bought his first BMW (e23 733i) to tow the Fiat X1/9 Racecar around, He found and loved the practical thinking and reliability of German built BMW’s , so much he started doing the same modifications and tuning to BMW’s.  Joined the BMW Clubs Australia in 1993 with his much loved fully rebuilt BMW M528i e28, President of that club for one term only, later for competition reasons, co-founding the Bimmer Club in late 1999 ,  Rubin and his family are still Members and Supporters of Ferrari Clubs Australia Fiat Lancia Club of W.A(founding member 1981 &  Awarded ”Life Member” 2016), the Vintage and Sporting Car Club! …and founder/Admin to Facebook Group Italian Car Drivers Group

“On the Spanners”  Since late 1980 Rubin has worked for many a well known mechanics in Perth, in all areas and ranges of work with BMW ,Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes, VW, Fiat/Lancia/Abarth over the years, gaining and using his performance knowledge on everything from head porting and flow work ,tuned length extractor and exhaust fabrication down to how to drill a brake rotor without it cracking at hi-temp!  Motor Racing and the Science behind it, drives Rubin to find the answer to performance issues, he has been responsible for many a full on race-car prep’ and set-up to suit the professional and club racer categories and Specializing on BMW in the early 1992. Rubin went out on his own and opened  BM-Auto Engineering March of 1995, buying and working from a rear unit at Montgomery way Malaga happily, but later having to buy and shift into another much larger showroom front unit at Vale street Malaga in June 2007 where he still is today(as BM-Autohaus). Rubin as BM-AE performed many World first and Australian first conversions over those years with the first (M50) 24v engine into(Brett’s) E30 3 series happening in 1998, and first V8 (M60) conversion in 1994(Ivor’s). Building and sending modified engines around the world ,then flying over to finish, install and tune, a couple of note were - BMW S14 2.5 group-N race engine to Iran and of all things a special Landrover 110 engine to Hong Kong! One of his favourite conversions was the first e36M3 (S50b32) Engine and six speed gearbox to Brett’s Red e30 and (S50b30) his own White e30 coupe in early 2001, with many done for customers since!  In late 2001 has added the iconic BMWe30m3 s14 to the mix and building only the purest type, BMW S14 (E30M3) engines 2.3/2.5/2.7 and what to put them in, trial club spec’ cars like his  Bunky 1, 2, Evo and Evil Bunkie , a couple of e10 2002′s ,his own Racecar and Vito’s ever evolving Racecar!

In November 2009  Rubin  Sold  his BM-AUTO ENGINEERING due to a health and staffing issues, also being without a break for 16 years, he sold to one of his long time customers with a business plan and a manager………but unfortunately then the new owner on SOLD BM-AE  8 months later to a the rival mechanic from down the same street!  The Rival then abandon that BMW mechanical business and moved to take over the well know BM-AE business instead! Today BM-AE is still owned by another(4th owner), but not at the Vale street Workshop ………..It’s only taken 4 years (2009-2013) since Rubin sold BM-AE to be back in good health with full use of his Vale street workshop again….. as it should be!!


Benny Sadique

Eldest son of Rubin, has been with us since April 2013, starting as an Apprentice! We all know Benny showed great interest in cars and motor racing from a very early age, then getting his first quad bike at the age of 13 and helping his father dismantle cars, motors, etc along with general clean up duties ,at the workshop most Saturdays while still attending school.  As time went on he learned many skills helping with conversions and dealing with used parts and sales, A little later doing and completing both a “Business Course” at Leederville Tafe and “Fitting Machining” course at Midland TAFE ,then served work experience in both fields, many short term experiences in Automotive workshops in Wangara, Malaga and Maddington on European Prestige Vehicles, then being offered and starting his Apprenticeship at Beemer Motor Workshop, wreckers yard  late 2012, completing his probation period and well into his first year did find this working environment not to be suitable, Beemers closing down a little later, after much discussion with Rubin and knowing Benny’s welding and fabrication skills are good, Vehicle Servicing is well executed, transferred his training and Apprenticeship and welcomed to BM-Autohaus, Having Finished his time as Apprentice, Benny is on Manufacturer’s Log Book Servicing, BMW Diagnostics and Performance Conversions! The first major conversion Benny professionally helped with was a BMWv8 to e30 in 2012, and in November 2014  saw Benny do a E30m52 conversion, exhaust fabrication welding , wiring all to the point of turn key start-up by himself.

JANUARY 2020 – After 7.5 years with BM-Autohaus, Benny has now on his own path, We wish him well for the future, Now working for a local  Service Centre Group.

Joel Sadique

Youngest of the two sons, February 2017 joined us as an Apprentice too! He also has been around performance cars most of his young life and involved with quad bikes since 13, Joel with the slight change in direction from his brother ,prior to starting with us, had already started doing Business admin’ and management courses, Year one was a challenge for Joel , we threw him in the deep end straight away with assisting Benny and Rubin on the spanners , in addition taking to Instagram! By year 2 Joel is upto speed on factory Vehicle Servicing and Maintenance with vehicle knowledge gaining each week! …by year 3 has been involved in most aspects of running the business, doing conversions and Fault finding issues, now with a better understanding of what is infront of him, has risen to the occasion and now looking forward to it! Now with his elder Brother gone, Joel is doing more than before to be the best he can, more time more knowledge!!

FEBUARY 2021- After completing his Certificate as a Tradesperson ,Joel was offered a job with a long term friend of BM-Ah 


member of IAME

member of IAME





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