2001 – 2011

We have competed in, and and supported, motorsport for a long time.
Over recent years this has focussed on the AEM events: The Classic Rally, The Classic Challenge and the various SuperKhanas.

Coming events for us are:
AEM SuperKhana at Midvale on Sunday November 6th 2011
AEM Fabcar 1 Day Classic on Sunday November 20th 2011
For more details about all types of West Australian Motorsport visit clubracer.net.au

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  • AEM Shannons 1 day Classic 2011
  • Vito and his wife Susan competed in the AEM Shannons 1 Day Classic Rally using Vito’s DTM 2.5ltr E30M3.

  • AEM Superkhana series 2011
  • Rubin has competed in several of the AEM Superkhanas held at the Midvale venue. He competes in a fun mode (lots of sideways action) rather than for a competitive time.

  • Classic Challenge 2011
  • Rubin in the S14 powered E30, and Vito in his E30M3 competed in the AEM Classic Challenge.

  • Classic Challenge 2009
  • Vito competed in this event in his E30M3.

  • Fabcar Classic 1 Day Rally 2009
  • Vito and Chris running in the AEM Fabcar Classic 1 Day Rally on 15 November 2009.

  • AEM Superkhana series 2009
  • Vito and Rubin competing in the AEM Superkhana series when they are available.

  • Classic Challenge 2008
  • For this year both Rubin and Vito managed to compete in their respective cars.

  • Classic Challenge 2006
  • Once again we had Rubin and Vito taking part in their own cars. Rubin in his backup M5 due to a problem with his M3, and Vito in his M3.

  • Classic Challenge 2005
  • Rubin and Vito took part on the this event, each in their own cars and navigated by their wives. Rubin in the M5 and Vito in the M6.

  • Classic Rally 2001
  • Rubin and Vito competed in this event with Rubin driving and Vito handling the navigation. The car was Rubin’s E30 326 powered by a S50 3.0 complete with 6 speed gearbox.