Benny’s e30 318iS

“As Purchased”


Benny has loved BMW e30′s for along time, so when this nice bodied, dead engined, 1990BMW e30 318iS came up in Black ,I knew I had to buy it for him (yes Benny you don’t have to pay for it!). The very day of purchase it lunched the m42 on the way home. Oil, water and anything else inside that motor came out screaming! Benny was beside himself seeing this as I was nursing this vomiting twincam engine just to get home. He abused me till I told him that the first modification, a e36 m42 engine, was now sooner than later!

Sofar like all teenagers with there first car, stereo or “doof doof “as we have come to know it as, is his top priority! speakers in and out 2 lots of head units , next it will be mini tv’s with playstation or go large with a pop-out 60″flat screen with a driver simulator game? but if he wants a “phat” turbo type dump pipe exhaust and fluro mudflaps ,the BMW will be removed from his ownership faster than he can run from cleaning his room!!!

Action: Benny has begun on the road to modifying and learning his motor vehicle. So far a custom leather interior has been purchased and fitted by him, and now a 5 stud conversion. He has started stripping the old 4 stud suspension away for the e36 compact rear end and e36 325i front end, buying a e36 adjustable height and rebound coil-over kit from Pedders Morley (Brett or Bob) and then swaping the e36 for e30 top hats, a custom offset nylon caster bush set and BBS 16″ wheels from BM-Autohaus(Dad). Exhaust is a customised single 2 1/2″ system  straight through with a lukey s/steel back box from Jeff at Carline Mufflers Malaga. The engine has already been swapped for the e36 twincam and we used a m20 single mass flywheel with heavy duty 325i clutch kit.

NO MORE MOD’S TILL HE GETS HIS LICENCE!  His mother will only get more speeding fines!



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