Bruce’s Formula Junior

This is something new for me, a Ford Cosworth mk-4 1100cc motor build! Bruce has been a long term customer and friend in BMW e30 m3′s with me and now busy picking up the special parts like carbon fibre pushrods, duel link cam chain and cogs, MLS Head Gasket(yuk), etc  and well before approaching me to do the finer things, like assemble this motor for the Fabulous Elfin  a “Formula Junior” open wheeler!  I normally like to follow the build from start to finish with people I know , but Bruce got the machining of the block and to balance everything from a local performance shop before coming to me, then a ported and combustion camber modified head from Geof Richardson in the U.K,  after drilling the pushrod holes for better oil drainage, clean and painted in that beautiful Sky Blue, same as the block! camshaft is in and set to 103degree ATDC with a dial gauge on the back of cyl#1 inlet rocker, now that’s done put a spigot bearing in the crank instead of the old style brass bush and the custom dry sump should go straight on?  When that is redone so the crank can rotate, the rest of the motor goes together! …..handing over the finished motor to Bruce, for him to get the Elfin back on track (so to speak!)

Some minor issues have been: the mechanical tacho drive retro-mounting to the front alloy cam wheel cover, machining the cam wheel to suit the new wild cam, spacing the crank drive cog 1.5mm to suit the dual chain cam set-up, extra fitting for the oil cooler tapped into the blocks front oil gallery and a funny one – the dry sump that hits main bearing caps, a minor miscalculation on cutting the sump down, something that I thought a person doing this a number of time would get right?  I have noticed in this engine build as with others that it never matters what make or model it is, there are so many experts with ideas learned from misfortune or others misfortune! Lets take for example we were told to – build the engine with only half the valve springs during the run-in period, then take the head off after and refit the rest of the springs before racing it! Up until this week I thought what kind of crap was this! However a friend that has worked on local v8 motors said for the run-in period the old style cams and followers are soft and need to gain a hardened surface in this time before the extra spring pressure of the race rocker gear can grind it down! …we live and learn!

WOW! ……. How’s that for a Rocker Cover!


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