’68 ABARTH OT1600 (rep’)

Will look like this one!

Yes again , this all started with Renato coming to me late 2010 talking about doing an ABARTH OT1600 from the sedan body but not finding one after 6 months  he ended up building a ABARTH OT2000 America from the ’66 coupe body, as you can see in his project page! So after that conversation with Renato about ABARTHS, that “Italian Love Affair” returned in me, like a cheap Italian seafood dish with repeats all that week!  mainly because I have always wanted an OT! So after hunting around for quite awhile and even putting a Wanted add in the local rag, Renato and I found every chicken coop with a Fiat badge and wheels in WA!!….then finally someone rang about my wanted add. Quickly Renato and I went down to Rockingham to look. This undamaged Red Fiat 850 sedan was a nice one (half stripped) but was way out of my budget for such a project(the wife grabbed my wallet!). So I went home empty handed that time. Later, Freddie(from Rockingham) advertised it in the same local rag for much less money and then several people mainly from the Fiat Lancia Club contacted me to hurry up and buy it! …So yes thanks to those people, and Freddie, I have bought it!!

This will be a long process due to other projects in front of this one!

I bought the little Fiat, we (Renato and I) picked up some hard to find parts: alloy twin DCOE inlet manifold, all alloy ABARTH engine sumps and rocker covers( thanks to -luigi lamolinara of autoricambi.lamolinara@gmail.com), fibre glass body flare kits, the beginnings of the front grill, assorted badges and horn buttons, VW type3 Gearboxes clutch kits and axles ,etc. Now I have to find the bits to suit this unique model  ABARTH OT1600 . Finding the rare and most cases impossible bits, of course eBay has a grip on the world, of buying and selling of car parts like no other and for rare stuff a dream to research. eBay Italy has been very good for finding original and re-manufactured vintage Fiat or Abarth parts! The remake of the front cross-member we found and bought from New Zealand, as the copies from Italy were to expensive to freight. Those we got were no different to the originals. The fibreglass copy OT Abarth binnacle shroud was from eBay U.K . (but made in Asia), while the gauges are from a Fiat 124 spider out of the U.S of A . Mr Fiat  www.mrfiat.com/  also in the U.S. is a very good source of New and Remake parts for all Fiats and Abarths. They also do a huge range of standard Fiat,Lancia,etc parts and badges,wheels ,etc. but if you want to anything about any abarth car you will only get the answer from Guy’s website - http://forum.abarth-gmr.be/index.php

An  ABSOLUTE MUST  , join a Fiat Car Club in your part of the world, no one is more help to your project than someone who shares your Passion ! 

Long Term Action Plan- The Fiat is picked up and back in Perth. Now the fun begins in finding what I have really purchased: rust, broken mountings and studs, etc!   A Fiat Twincam motor has been acquired . This motor will be Stripped  then Rebuilt with New Rings/bearings/Seals/Gaskets, lightly ported and serviced head, Polished and Balanced Crankshaft. New alloy twin sidedraft manifold with New original Euro’ Deloro DLHA45 Carbies, the ugly standard cams are replaced with a set of 124bc then the cast exhaust header replaced with mandrel bent extractors four-into-two ,out into s/s muffler , then all the good Abarth stuff, Sump and spacer, cam covers, front grill,etc……..Epico, non vedo l’ora!

Update January 2014- The little Red beast has been delivered to the workshop and motor removed for a better look at the scope of work….OMG what have I done……never could this one be an original car!

Update February 2014- Into storage for a later day!

Update September 2019- 850 still in Storage, but have purchased a Fiat Regatta 100S for a run a round, but decided to wreck it as the motor is sweet! this 1600 Twincam will get a change in camshafts ,a set of Sidedraft 45 Delorto’s and a nice custom set of extractors for the “OT” fit up!

Update 1/2020- This project took a step forward today…yep pulled the Fiat Regatta 100S apart and motor is free to go towards the OT1600 project!….Just need to find the correct front Grill set up.

Update 2/2020- more movement, slow but forward, the mighty 850 is out of storage and into the panel shop!!


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