Marco’s e30m50 2.5

Marco has a nice ’84 BMW e30 320i that proudly his late father was involved in helping find for him in the late 80′s. This is one car that will never be sold! Instead it has had 2 update conversions already, first was a mediocre 2.5 m2o upgrade by a local expert, Marco at that time bought those nice Simmons rims, second is the m50 conversion that was done in my workshop but by “The Group of Enthusiasts” that used to help on Saturdays and with the BBQs!!; mainly because this project started at the same time as the 2000 Classic Rally, the first I was driving in. Marco’s M50 conversion was number 3, an early one that used the same gearbox as the 323 came with. We made a custom alloy sump larger in capacity and at the angle to suit the m20 engine, using the mounts from the m20 made this a smooth and factory looking job, Marco had the “Exhaust shop” make his extractors due to time restraints. The thought behind the design used was what Brocky did to the XU1 Torana in the 70′s.  I am not sure to this day if that was the way to go but as stated timing was the issue! The only thing on this job I didn’t like or do was the brake lines and now we know the booster type also must go! Next visit this e30 makes to my workshop it will get a brake system refit of the original master cylinder but to use a booster elimination plate with a pivot change to the brake pedal!

Future upgrades – Paint the car Audi Yellow? fit Race seats and 4point seat belts, fit aftermarket dark headlights and dark taillights………and the big one, do a e36 5stud conversion with a big brake and a coil-over kit…..Avarnte!


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