Andy’s S50 3.2 Compact

One Andy Power ?

Andy over the years has had some interesting cars, a few we built, but this one is special! Late 2009 and came up with the desire to own a “Hot Hatch”, a friend of his had a s50 gearbox issue with a customer that made him import a BMW e36 3.2 m3 front cut. That was the catalyst Andy needed to do the project. After buying a 5speed gearbox out of a z3 2.8 and then had a few more issues to contend with, custom exhaust with sport cats’ extractor back system from Jeff at Carline Malaga(nice job too). Was the wiring compatible? engine mounts,air cond gear,etc,…..well not to be to simple on this but I would have to say if there is an easier conversion out there with this kind of outcome I’d like to see it! ….Only thing needing to be done is the diff’ ratio, Andy after many attempts has bought and sold LSD’s and parts has still after all this time the original diff’ from the 1.6 4banger!!  Wow you can take off from a dead stop in 3rd!

So now the ti body kit is fitted, the battery is in the boot, cold air intake done, Recaro race seat fitted, the coil-over front and adjustable rear is in and at where it needs to be. What is left to do?  Just paint the bodykit, change the diff’ and go have some fun!!!!


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