Ferrari Mondial Qv Coupe 3.0


"Italian car day"

In early 2007 an opportunity came about to buy a 4 seater Ferrari and then drive it from Melbourne, Victoria back home to Perth, WA. This 1985 Ferrari Mondial QV Coupe was a  low “K” car caught in a battle between receivers and the business owners, with me in the middle trying to pry this from them (at the right price!). My first trip across the desert was going to be in a ’80s Ferrari, am I foolish? Maybe but taking longtime friend David meant that there were 2 to push if something went wrong. After a visit to my friend Andreas’s workshop German Autohaus in Richmond, Victoria and a look all over to see if she would make it home (new radiator and hoses had already been replaced). So an oil change and filters, iridium spark plugs and quick tune then we were on our way!

Taking off from Melbourne for the “Great Ocean Road” has been one of the best driving memories anyone can have! Driving the road is even better!! However we did have a problem along the way. Passing a bus quickly on a long stretch of road selected 3rd gear, but the gated gear selector went into 5th! and was stuck there with no way of pulling it out while driving. So how do you feel driving your first Ferrari 2000klm from home in a mountinous area with no tools to fix it, or to even know what happened! Well, driving very gently we limped into a coastal town, I think it was Cooks Point, found a service station open and luckily he was a car enthusiast. After ribbing me about breaking down in a Ferrari out there we put it on a hoist and went about finding and fixing the selector issue. Long story short – don’t phone a Melbourne Ferrari expert for help, just use common sense. It was just a lock nut came loose and the selector rod was able to rotate too far. After we were advised to remove so many parts we should not have, wasting over 3 hours, we were on the road again to Adelaide. The rest of the trip was uneventful and enjoyable!

When back home I serviced it with top fluids and plugs, new clutch kit (Ripped off $1200 by Melbourne “expert”!), tyres to get the correct rolling radius, as well as a new exhaust system to sound like a Ferrari, not a hoover! Then licenced(Aust’ delivered- easy!) and most of all enjoyed!!

Only sold my First Ferrari to fly to the U.K and see a Cabrio 3.2 ……and buy it!

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