Vito’s 323 Hartge restoration


As seen in Sept 2000 Performance BMW magazine, Vito’s 323  Hartge H3 is a credit to him. After buying all the original bits back of me that the previous owner had removed like steering rack and duel exhaust, Vito had Adrian (bodywork and paint)perform a miracle with the body, to resurrect it from the disaster the previous owner to whom Vito bought it from, created in the name of selling(Italian Bog and Flog). We noticed parts of the car filled with expandable foam in places BMW never heard of and lots of plastic filler just to look pretty to sell, what a disgrace! We located bits from all over the world to bring the Hartge magic back to this nice looking but badly treated H3. everything lost like Momo horn button ,the correct badging/etc as the main ingredients were still there, like Hartge camshaft and bigger mechanical injectors, extractors and so on!

My role in this conversion, was as professional technician advisor and overseer , parts finder and moral support as Vito worked in my workshop !, very similar to what I have done for Marco (E30/M50) and Brett (E30/M3 3.2) and will do happily for other car club members!!


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