Steve’s e10 Classic Rally prep’

Gateways Promo'!



Steve , a long time customer, had us build a very fast e23 735i English Import once, that shocked a lot of people including himself. Put an idea together for doing the “Classic Rally” of 1999, Being going awhile by AEM it was a good fun event that Steve or I had never got to do! But it cost money! so Steve got a promotion going, that the car sat in the Gateways shopping centre for a week and the customers of the centre just had to enter there name and number on the back of any receipt ,place it in the box and at the end win a ride in this classic rallycar with Rubin!……. then Steve got the Sponsorship!

The car – well what can I say, previously owned by a BMW Club member who did spent alot of money with a local mechanic that should have known better! So after a few repairs and moving exhaust of the body so it didn’t rattle bang and heat up the floor while driving, we went onto making it more fun to drive! Steve only had 40mm Solex carbs that came with it, and after the laughter stopped I just had to volunteer my twin DCOE45 Webers , jetted and ported manifold fitted for the event!  Tuning was fun with a tied engine, but OK it did go well, as the large fellow who won the prize to have a ride said , “How often do you drive like this ?”

Driver Rubin Sadique and owner/navigator Stephen Dewsnap retired late in the event with a blown differential. Steve snapped it on the way home first night! They continued with a replacement in the event with Rubin’s e30 325i just bought the day before! But they were excluded from the results due to entered car failure and substituting but declared finishers. Well done I say, Rubin and Steven will never forget this one!


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