Bruces RHD e30M3


Bruce has been a loyal and understanding customer (&friend). After buying a e30M3 of mine a few years ago in RHD (the Red one in QLD now; was in the Australian Classic Magazine) he had a misfortune lending it to a “friend”. One Rainy Sunday morning I got a call from Bruce as to the problem! So trading that “Problem” M3 with the only thing I could offer him at the time, my LHD black ’87 e30M3 with hounds tooth cloth interior that I was driving at the time! After a interior and other upgrade bits he had in the red one were swapped Bruce was away happy again in a BMW M3, or so we thought! One time while visiting he said “Gee my partner and I miss my RHD M3″. Now I can’t tell, if he meant it as a challenge to me, or a genuine loss felt for a much loved car he once enjoyed. A deal was done that following week or so, to complete a RHD Lachs silver one I had from a previous customer that ran out of time and money for such a rebuild, now the work begins! Being at the top of the project list, this is a long involved job, an import from Japan e30M3 needing a repair from an “Off” at a Race track, and a RHD conversion. Bruce has been very patient with me, we are near to completion now, only the extractors to modify to RHD and then just engine bay small items like radiator, hoses, plastics, etc. A tidy up of the interior then off to have the ADR door-bars job done, Engineering and pit pass, and a final start and tune as all mechanicals have never been tested since the Japan track day. We have a challenge to what maybe ahead of us, anyway we will change all oils and filters, do a ECU read for fault codes and start the Beast!

Update 7/2013- Door-bars done and list of parts needed on the way!

Update 11/2013- Fuel filler neck and tank mountings refitted, fuel to and from injector rail connected as is plenum chamber with all external engine parts, headlights and wiring to!

Update 1/2014- Benny and I are back from the “East” trip and into this project …we are still waiting on the spray painter “Vincenzo” to open the old shop so we can pick-up the bumpers and side skirts for fitting.

Update 8-9/ 2014 – Ok after a long break we are back into it, started engine today after oil prime and replaced the fuel pump, motor ran sweet! all bodykit back from painters!

Update 2-3/2015 – Well  back from the holiday break and into this slow project again find our selves looking for parts missing, broken and not fitted where they should be! hard to do a job like this one with the situation the car is in, luckily I have other parts from modified M3′s that some are not used and very needed here, just my parts are being used when they should be spare, never mind the job must go on! Wiring we are on again to make the ignition etc work, Benny is on the ball here and has gone forward with little to no help needed from me, I am very proud! we will get the front bumper off again and mount it properly!

Update 6/2015- After the bumbling work done on this beautiful car in this and last year that we have had to work through , we are on it fulltime for a week this month with Bruce to get back to were we should be!……Broken rear brake nipple and calliper replaced and brakes now bled and functional! broken clutch slave now replaced with new and onto the other bits with help, we now have 3 people on this one this week!

Updating 2016!  Off to a slow start with other things needing doing before we could continue(Throttle-bodies,etc)..Now done it is back to work as usual! Doug the Air-Cond Guru has worked his magic! Rear M3 type head lining in and looking good! After a quick look at tunning and any bugs……It’s Time to get the Engineering done ,child restraint mount points, immobilizer done need for local Licencing.

Update – BMW M3 e30 is Now Engineered !….Now to fix the small stuff for local licencing…any oil leaks, seat belt tags,etc

Update – After replacing the distributor seal and a degrease we were off to the licencing centre in Welshpool! Unfortunately  afew small uses like the cheapo windscreen washer motor seized and the thermostat to the oil cooler opened and leaked!! …Completion!!!! as of 3-11-2016 the long term project M3E30 is NOW Pit Passed!!

Final Update!!….Number Plates fitted and Bruce has picked up the E30M3 !

Update 11/2017- Tappet adjust, paint and whiz Rocker cover!!


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