Rubin’s E30M3 RHD Conversion

Pic' from Japan!


This car was one of the first e30m3s to Australia in 2001, I got it RH’side smacked from another fantastic driver at a Japan track day, imported at the time I hated LHD cars, reminded me of old American type vehicles ! so pulling it apart to repair thought do the RHD Conversion same time too!

Action - Being my first RHD conversion wanted to do it right!  I do Remember the first one of the issues were that the steering on the m3 was sharper than the average e30 due mainly to the short rack ratio, how to find a RHD rack with a 3turns lock to lock that the LHD came standard with!!  that answer came in the form of e36 m3 or any z3 ,later to find just about any e36 was better than the e30 ratio! To this day I still use a compact or z3 rack. Exhaust was the next bit of fun due to now having a steering shaft and rubber knuckle in its path ,but luckily the interruption was after the first merge point ,so keeping factory pipe lengths and diameters could easily be done, under dash and wing mirror wirring was next to tackle, this wasn’t so bad! lots of wires but some don’t need lengthening due to fitting where they are, only speedo cluster, lights switches ,and a tidy up under where the glove box now goes!

Update – This car was featured in Australian Classic Car mag’ as what an e30 should look like, now owned by Don in QLD , before him was Bruce, before him was Ben and before all 3 of them, here in Perth it was Me!!


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