Elio’s Kanga Exhaust


Elio had an issue with his handy little Green Kanga (mini bob kat thingy), a design fault that saw snapping of the small m6 exhaust manifold studs to the head, as this was a solid mounted exhaust system to the head, the whole system ended up flapping about due to being about 400mm from the head !! lucky for Elio the fix here was simple, solid mount the muffler after fitting a flexi-pipe in the system after the cast manifold on the head and the one and only muffler. Having to face all flange surfaces due to burning the face with the exhaust gasses and weld a 3 layer flexi to a thick old exhaust pipe has been the fun!

It’s not a Motorsport BMW or a Classic car at all, so why am I doing it? …Well Elio has done a wonderful job on the Concrete driveway for me ,then let me hire this handy thing to move some dirt/grass/rubbish into a bin!


Also sometimes a change is as good as a holiday!


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