This has been a very late start to the motorsport year for Rubin and Benny with re-opening of the Vale street workshop, Vito in good form with his ever strong e30M3 however has not skipped a beat all year! He has run the M3 in every event that he is able with work commitments , Bruce has finally had some fun in the mighty Elfin open wheeler in the VSCC after all the dramas of ignition system failure, now he has shipped it of to Pukekohe N.Z. for a round of the “Worlds” later this year!! …Benny to his fathers surprise has picked up driving skill faster than he thought or wanted, Rubin after Bennys drive at Motoplex and Speeddome ,now owes Benny a LSD for the tough 318iS !! Sorry we have no pictures of Chris in the fog machine 540 but he was there in full force and with nice driving too!

AEM –  Motorplex Event 15/9/2013


AEM – Speeddome Event 27/10/2013

A Great day set out by AEM that we all enjoyed! ….most fun to watch was Chris in the monster 540 and Jas in the Datsun smoke machine, Paris and Nick joined in as did Benny and I and others.




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