“Chaz” the T.I.S.A 2002!


This 1972 BMW 2002 was purchased by us in 1999 for a customer/friend Chaz Bulmer to “Upgrade” so he had no more trouble with those pesky Torana’s Xu-
“Somethings” in his local town Wickham. Finding and purchasing an original  BMW Turismo Internazionale SonderAusführung (‘Special Equipment’) head for the m10 2ltr motor was a big find for his project! Besides being a rare item to say the least, it is a period cylinder head by BMW for racing the 1800Ti sedan of the 60′s with better combustion chamber shape and larger valves and ports!  Chaz had a set of extractors from his e21 320 and we modified those to fit and found a 304deg Schrick Camshaft for him to put in this beast. After light port matching and polishing to side-draft manifold a rebuilt 2ltr with HQ Racing pistons was installed. A happy customer was then menacing Torana’s and also delivering pizza in the county town of Wickham. A decade later Chaz came down to Perth to sort out his affairs, sold me his much loved 2002 and unfortunately passed away shortly after. RIP Chaz we miss you!,  I sold the 2002 onto Martin M. another classic car enthusiast who due to work time restraints paid others to  ready it for club type track days etc. This year after spending a lot of money on suspension, bushes and getting the twin 45 webers refitted etc he got fed up with it all and sold it, I hope to restore this back to a sound car for historic “Round the Houses” Racing for Rami.

This old timer 2002 is now called, I think appropriately  ……Chaz!

1/2014 -First up? Got it to the workshop and inspect what is to be done…. swap wheels to factory BBS RS 14″, fit the 45mm S/S Ram tubes, get rid of that ugly boot Spoiler and set of “Spotties”. Lee has removed the front and rear screens for rust removal, the wizzing down of 6 paint jobs worth paint to the rust in question around the windows, then remove it hopefully of to the spray shop next month! We found to our surprise a gearbox mount missing the retaining nut, one of the engine mounts missing a major bolt! and the gear linkage has been cut and welded to take the 5speed dogleg Getrag box….yuk!

Update 3/2014- Now at home away from the workshop clean engine building environment to do dirty bodywork. Have had a response to gumtree advert and found another bonnet and boot! after picking them up from Ashley will continue with rust patch welding and then painting next month!

Update 4/2014-  Ordered from (Jeff) Ireland Engineering USA the full H/D Engine and Gearbox mounts, gearshift nylon helper arm, rear suspension nylon bush kit, steering upgrade bushes and coupling. These have arrived!…along with the Tii-turbo body kit for Chaz. An e30M3 S14 clutch kit is in now, making a big change to surface area of clutch/pressure plate and therefore grip. Still at the rust removal stage due to doing other projects instead of mine!

Update 5/2014- All rust work around rear window done! all holes welded up for removal of chrome strips down the sides and across the boot, 5speed gearbox is ready to refit with new mounts to the car(welded back in) and Ireland engineering green mount, modified e30m3 short shift kit and green engine mounts!

Update 6/2014- Bodywork has moved forward, slowly but some work has been done to ready for panel beater spray-painter to complete , this has to be completed for the vintage stampede in November!

Update 7/2014 – “Chaz” is at the bodyshop for finishing then a coat of  Grey primer all over and a final in Polaris silver! before returning to be assembled.

Update 8/2014 – “Chaz”Just back from the panel /paint shop……better late than never? Now the replacing of all original bits, but cleaned up (job for Rami?) and tune then …..Race!!!






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