Vito’s e30M3 2.5

Vito started with a basic U.S. spec’ E30M3 2.3, imported from Japan in Lachs silver with a Ugly Grey Leather combo interior,this unloved grey on grey was soon changed, door panels,carpet the lot! He eBayed or googled and purchased more carbon fibre than most teenagers would show! all in the name of lightness Vito? Along with many engine, intake, exhaust and suspension/brake upgrades from round the world like Ireland engineering and lots from tthe AKG guys, today Vito can be proud of his Vitomeister DTM Replica 2.5 s14 with 49mm slide block injection manifold, alpha-n system EMS and Carbon fibre airbox, single 3″ mandrel S/S exhaust ,Irelands 2pce brakes rotors with wilwood calipers, AKG bush kits front and rear and Group-A  front 3 piece alloy arms! all on H&R Bilstien coil-overs ,solid alloy engine and gearbox mounts,  just the way the Gods at BMW Motorsport intended!

This M3 and its owner loves nothing more that to take on the big guys with there bits-a-missn evo’s or rex’s and suprise them with a 2wd non-turbo 4banger! …..he even has a sticker on the rear wing that states …”No Rice”


Engine: s14 engine 2.5 litre with Schrick 307/292 cams-vernier wheels, ported and flowed head, factory 2.5 crank and custom 11.5 comp’ pistons  , Alpha-n system EMS.
Gearbox: dogleg 5speed gearbox.
Differential: BMW 8bolt 4.1 Kass LSD centre and painted Orange!
Brakes: Ireland’s Wilwood big brake kit ,front 6pot rear 4pot calipers all on 2 pce rotors
Suspension: front/rear Bilstien H&R coilovers kit with AKG’s Group A 3pce alloy adjustable bottom arms.
Wheels: Ever Changing BBS and DTM styles!!.
Exhaust: This time a single 3inch stainless steel system mandrel bent form 50/50 factory extractors ending with a one in two out stainless rear box DTM style.
Bodywork: Standard E30M3 imported from Japan unregistered, Carbon boot lid and rear spoiler, Front and rear bumper spoilers, sunroof plug and door cards. floor sound deadening removed and has Alloy rollcage.



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