This year we have several Sponsorship deals with enthusiasts, Vito with the long-term e30M3 support, Bruce as of last year in his Formula Junior open wheeler and now this year we have on board Jason, with his “Improved Production” Class Contender at Wanneroo Raceway BMW E36M3, also supporting Gordon with a collection of Italian cars, his turbo Fiat for Wanneroo and Lancia Montecalo for the “Round the houses”





22/3/2014-  Jason has finally got to a WASCC Race Day after a 18month go at it ,with lots of bad luck in this period of putting his trust and money into several broken motors, has come over to us and we built a s50 3ltr engine for him that not only got him to a race day on time ,that he never made one before, but he finished 3 races and landed on the podium first go, Congratulation Jason , the boys and I were happy to have been there to share this with you! What you have had to endure to get there, you very much deserve your 3rd outright finish!…..let this be the first of many!!


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