Spanish Weber Fix!

Yes! I to was sucked in by the thought of new Carbies for my Vintage beast!…..however getting them home and opening them only to find out they are not “Italian” Weber Carbies, they are in-fact Spanish made, there still good, but come with an issue, the early type called DCOE 152′s  have a stumbling point just of idle and on cruise, this is due to the drill holes (x3) on and before the butterfly are on the wrong position, as Paul Van Der Linden found on his Alfa Giulia2.0Ti (Google is great!)by drilling a fourth hole 18mm from the face of the carb’ to the breather tube, got it to run how it should and how the Weber factory has done now with the updated DCOE 152G!

The answer to this is, buy the new improved Weber DCOE152G or if you buy from eBay as I did ,learn to drill a 1.5mm hole in the idle circuit from the top!








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