Julie’s X1/9 Engine

Julie’s Fiat X1/9 got a bit hot awhile back , so Paul the “Hubbie” parked it up! He has been in Fiats and the Fiat Car Club for a very along time (1982-83 Paul?) , he has enough spares to put this back on the road and going for years!  Being a SOHC type Fiat motor comes with the usual early Italian build standard, why do they have head bolts on down one side of the head and the other studs?… of course the studs corrode onto the alloy head and can’t come of the studs! ..not even with heat applied to the head, hydrolic jack to manifold from sump…still no movement! then yes Paul has another motor to Reco’! a Fiat Regatta 85S also a 1.5ltr, only differences Regattas have head bolts both sides of the head and the flywheel end of the crank has a larger diameter hole.

Update 4/2014- Using the crank from the x1/9 motor as it is in very good condition still with no scoring or hot spots, the rest is 50th/k Regatta , like new!.. Linished and cleaned crank with new bearings back into the painted cleaned Regatta block , cleaned out carbon from piston glands with fitted new rings front and rear plates with seals all together, new oil pump and seal to oil pump side cam plate. Cleaned Alloy sump and on so block now completed awaiting machined head to return !

Update 6/2014 – This month we are awaiting the SOHC head to come back from the machinist to complete the engine build, but just been told the body is still at the panel beaters for a couple of months……its time to wait!

Update 7/2014-  Just been told head has been machined, when head is back with us will lightly port intake and match to manifold and tidy up exhaust etc, Paul is awaiting on panel and paint (est- 2 months he was told) before we can complete motor refit!

Update 9/2014-  Head and intake ports are cleaned up, head is on the assembled block and torqued down with new Regatta head bolts!

Update 7-8/2015- Time to get back into this motor build, with many a distraction on both Paul and mine ……. this month the camshaft, cambox and buckets need cleaning fitting ,cam timming etc then and valve lash (shimming) !!

Update 3/2017- The X1/9 is back in the shop! Not complete but good enough for us to do our bit……Now to find a time slot!!!

Update 5&6/2017- Motor of stand and flywheel cleaned up fitted and receiving new clutch kit! assembled will by fitted to the X1/9!

Finale!! – Motor and box together with new clutch kit and in the x1/9, new thermostat and hoses connected and then the tough job….brake and clutch master cylinder replacement , sorry Benny this is for a “Young” back ,not an ol’ dog like me! …all bled up and on the trailer to Pauls Mancave!!

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