Albany Classic 31-6-’15

This year Rubin and eldest son Benny prepared a old Fiat 131 only 3weeks (look under “Projects Italian”)before this event, Both wanted to do this Iconic race around the houses, only Western Australia has these events now, outlawed by do gooders everywhere else in Australia! The Saturday saw the Hillclimb in Albany with Benny first up in an unknown car just finished the day before with no seat time, he was very mature in his approach to this and drove very well to be up there in the results and no problems! Rubin was in the afternoon session and drove like he always does with maximum attack, what happen to learn the car and just ease into it Rubin?

Sunday the main event “Around the Houses” was a fantastic collection of many Iconic names in cars through the years, Fiat was well represented with Steve Boyle in a 1972 NZ touring-car Fiat 125T, Gordon Mitchel in a replica Abarth Prototipo 2000 (X1/9 body) and Rubin and Benny in their Fiat 131 2000TC

Rubin and Benny took it to the Mustangs and Lotus engine escorts/cortinas and enjoyed every minute, posting some very respectable times, however a posted time of 66seconds in a regularity race when rubin should have been at around 69seconds was not good!

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