Vick’s Fiat 125 Classic





Back in the Mid-Eighties Vick M. had a very nice Grey Fiat 125B (Special mk2), a couple 124 sports,  the other day we spotted his 124 at Carline in Malaga getting an exhaust system using his Ansa rear box, we asked Jeff who owned it and he replied Vick….. later he dropped into BM-Autohaus to find a interim carby to get his 124 SportCC going ,while awaiting his twin IDF set up….and saw the 1970 Fiat 125 just sitting there! It didn’t take long for Vick to ask about them and then buy them, So after Vick finishes his 124 sport he will restore the 125 and with more parts than he could ever wish for………and our help!






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