Alfa 105 (115) 1600GT Junior (Resto’)


Yes we have finally bought an 1971 Alfa Romeo s3 1600GT Junior, one of very few Alfa’s I have loved the shape of!…this classic car has been owned by an enthusiast most of it’s life as far as I can find out, bought from a friend Toby at a weak moment┬áduring his shifting collection to a country location, my gain! Now the fun begins, a not-so quick visit to the Alfaholics U.K website ,has opened my eyes and wallet!

Update November 2015- Wanting to get this started, have now removed and stripped down Delorto carbs, soaked in Diesel for the last month! …very hard to remove body filler dust with water that turned into cement!…Diesel worked a treat and are cleaning and reassembling!

Update December 2015- That Plastic filler dust that was in the Carbies…was actually found to be the powder from a Fire Extinguisher ! This unfortunately made its way to the bore of cylinder #4, motor seized like granite!! upon speaking to Toby found this out and he is a gentleman to come to the party with help on the second hand 1600 bought from Ivan, now to swap the motors over ,use the recommissioned Delorto’s ,fit an electric fuel pump and┬átidy engine bay while motor is out!!……January/February maybe?

Update 2016- We have SOLD this project to Luca, we will put the new motor in after he has had the body done later this year!…….



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