Grant’s e30-M52B28

This BMW E30 has been slowly upgraded by a previous owner and traded on bigger and better things(Hugh to M5 wagon), that’s until Grant S. Bought it! The history of this once plain white 318i is nothing out of the ordinary , a nice clean late e30 with a Mtech-2 body kit and the Custom 2pce Rotor and Wilwood brake set up with Momo wheels we fitted, later a set of “Vader” seats from a e36m3, now in for the upgrading, it should have got before all the pretty stuff (says me). We have for Grant a very special motor combo, a 328i 2.8ltr 24v alloy motor upgraded with larger 2.5 inlet manifold, JBR alloy flywheel and a EWS-2 Delete EMS!… Extra’s he has asked for? 3.25LSD and Brake master cylinder to handle the Wilwoods and a B&M short shifter with e36 linkage! All under the banner of “Factory” type upgrading!

The Start- Late October 2015- We have removed the original but gutless M40 Motor, Gearbox, Tailshaft,etc ……Scrubbed and Pressure washed the engine bay !! Mechanically, taken the e36 sump and oil pick up off, replaced by e34 type and a new rear main oil seal, brake booster off and today the Engine combo’ in the car on original BMW rubber mounts and late E30 rear cross-member and rubber mounts!

November 2015 -  Golf Brake Booster in and fit-up was fantastic! Wiring done and with fuel and oil …it has fired up!! Water pipes, radiator and original factory mountings done  and mod’ to Extractors for fitting the e30!

December 2015- Extractors with new Secondary pipes welded to bring out of engine bay fitted, LSD 3:45 Serviced and fitted, e36 tailshaft with e30 mod’ done and fitted,clutch slave and bled, Start and drive around the carpark….Yes! Lower arm and Nylon bushes done, Air cleaner assembly and wiring tidy up ,readying for Jeff (out with a back operation) at Carline to complete exhaust system!

January 2016- Last 5% of work yet tobe done, Air-cond with modified pipes for the compressor (Doug is on it!) out of the e36 modified to fit e30, now the exhaust shop, Jeff is back and both Dale and Jeff done there Magic,

27-1-16 Our Conversion work is finished……Just sub-contractor Doug on Air-Cond pipes and a look over the A/C electrics , fit a splitter on the front …and Finished!!

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