’87 BMW E30M3 (JPS)

This 1987 BMW e30M3 has a history in Perth, Brought in for Kush B-M then traded to me for the LHD e30 325i with S14, then sold to Bruce E and traded back to me for a project RHD e30M3, this is a standard car in Boring Spec’….well it was, but the basic upgrades -Chip, intake porting and 50/50mm extractors is still a beauty to own and drive! Having taken this back with cracked windscreen and multiple dents and scratches has sat in the showroom!……One hopefully day a Tribute “Jimmy” JPS M3 for the street…They never built one …But I can and want one!!  Upgrading?….Yes I have to “Upspec” with factory  S14 2.5 Evo’ motor from the U.K with 48mm throttle bodies! Using s38b38 larger intake valves and light porting to the intake side of the  head , BMW Motorsport new valve springs and 276schrick intake camshaft (Street use),Evo intake camshaft moves to the exhaust side, the block being built already with Wisco Pistons, Factory Evo’ 2.5 Crank and Aftermarket “H” Beam Connecting Rods /ARP 2000 bolts, ARP Head Stud Kit used, as we do on all Performance Engines !

Update 6 to 12/2015- A very slow build of the motor has happened, now the end of the year (2015) the 2.5ltr Evo’ bottom end is built!

Update 7/2016- Sold the Standard 2.3 S14 motor (we put in a Dan’s 2002!) reading for the 2.5 Evo’ motor fit!!

Update 8/2016- Motor out reading for the 2.5!, Found the e30 has developed the normal cracking around the engine mount on the front cross-member….AKG parts on there way to fix…….they are here already….lets weld!!!!

Update 9/2016- While awaiting my 1990 Evo’-2  head to come back from Neil……thought I’d get into other bits, the windscreen got a chip that turned into a crack, Shannon’s Insurance are fantastic! Replacing with a “Original” BMW screen like it had, unfortunately this is a 29 year old car and has a couple of rust spots hiding behind the screen! so after that is repaired they will return and fit!

Update 10/2016 - S14 Evo’ head back from Neil and sitting on the bench to I get ….time!!!

Update 12/2016- (Xmas Break) S14 Evo Head has been assembled with larger Factory valves (S38) ,New Motorsport v/springs, etc , with New Original BMW Motorsport cylinder head gasket, bolted and torqued down to the block on ARP HSK!…… along with a New set of 50/50 Extractors!

Update 4/2017- Very little has happened lately to this beautiful m3 due to work/projects needing the attention, but this month the cambox, the spare Schrick 276 cam and the Evo-2 (inlet) cam to exhaust side now, is in and done, also the Evo Sport 48mm Throtlebodies! a 4.10LSD with BMW’s “M Coupe” Finned rear cover now ready to swap which removes the standard 3.25LSD!…New “Evo” injectors and a Quick spray of GOLD to the Rocker Cover, now dry will wiz up the protruding cast alloy parts that say BMW Motorsport! Update 11/2017- Been flat out with Customers projects to complete my own sofar this year! However looking forward to the Xmas break to have a crack at finishing!!

Update 1/2018- Ok Xmas has come and gone…and yes didn’t get a chance to work on this one again, had to get the 131 rally4d stripped and to new spray painter!!….However it is in the works to be done, along with a new BMW original windscreen!!


Update 7&8/2018- Finally got to work on my own M3! Yes finished Vito’s 2.7S14 so can do Weetbix! With the tappets done and sealed up the top of the motor with the “Gold” rocker Cover,  start bolting back on the rest of parts…….Week2 Start and run new motor……..Week4 up to Wayne for a couple of tiny rust spots near the water drain in the bottom windscreen ledge, then its back to the shop for the new windscreen and time to “Run in” the 2.5!!!

Update 9/2018 – Yes its gone from a slight windscreen surround rust touch-up to an all over with dents fixed and paint!!…Hahaha!!

Update 10/2018- “Weetbix” is still with Wayne for bodywork and paint.

Update 11/2018- “Weetbix” is still with Wayne (he is not well) getting a new shinny JPS Black Coat Soon!?!...

Update 12/2018- “Weetbix” is still with Wayne (he is not well)….However have ordered my Personal number plates  JPS style …pick up January!!

Update 1/2019- “Weetbix” is still with Wayne …But now a name change, it is time…..this is becoming what I dreamed of for years.....a JPS E30M3 “Jimmy Tribute” , the number plates have been collected…..“M3 JPS”….”when” back it will get the thick gold stripe and Gold centred BBS like the original JPS ,badgework like my BMW JPS 323i…….I am looking at March timeline to have back!??!

Update 2/2019- After 3 people trying to sell me the same set of 16×8 BBS RS’s.…and not getting of there backside to deliver to me!….look at an add on FB rang and purchased including freight…. myself, saving about $850 in total!….Now in my hands will strip and referb’ in gold !!….week2- The M3 is Now painted JPS Black!!….after waiting a few days then the clear coat, time for hardening and buff.…Happy days!!

Update 5/2019- …..week-2  IT HAS RETURNED TO ME!!!….in a true Swarts BLACK and with great shine !!….Shannons have the new screen, original BMW Glass naturally!! ….fitted on Saturday ! …and Benny fitted the new Original Hella dark lights…love it!  a new din66 battery fitted as after 10 months sitting still…the old new one is dead! fit the “M3 JPS” new number plates…..Drive it?!!?  week-3  Gold BBS rim assembly bolts have arrived!….needs sealing and assembling!

Update 8/2019- Find and fix small air leak in intake and replace sooted spark plugs from start-stop workshop/sprayshop moving 10 months!…Seal/Reassemble BBS 3pc rims using new gold bolts and polished rims …and fit to M3!!

Update 11/2019- Rob from “Smooth Detailing” has de-ghosted the paint and removed some overspray….nice job!

Update 12/2019- After rushing to be at a local car show, my interior wasn’t ready and the car ran bad, found the issue…not an air leak but a over lean programme ecu, a standard one not an Alpha-N as needed! once taken out of the Racecar pile of bits and fitted it ran well!

Update 12/2020- Nothing happened to this beauty all 2020, till December! a Melbournite showed interest in buying , so out of storage …..not being finish wasn’t that happy to rush it back together….but with much talk and negotiation forgetting the paintwork corrections need doing and settled on removing the unloved “Gold” Rocker cover putting the C/F Airbox and full Alpha-N system on to finish the performance upgrades instead of time delay in going over everything (fair enough)what a job…more like another conversion in doing this, move Brake resevoir(and type) to give room to the CF intake, exchange engine harness’s to use Alpha-N and the Autotune feature of exhaust gas monitering , a Vito tune/inspect all done in a week as the truck to Victoria had been booked!!.Made the dead line but not happy with Alph-N tune, not good on idle…the CEVA guys will foul it up I am sure!(even with a note taped to the steering wheel!)…..Well She has gone to Melbourne!

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