Rob’s Lombardi GP Engine

Rob N. has some special cars in his fleet, this beautiful Fiat Lombardi Grand Prix is just one , having bought it , thought it was a finished to a high standard with an upgrade to 1050cc by the way of a rebuilt Autobianci a112 motor,  Fiat 850 and Lombardi motors spin anticlockwise so the whole motor was not a bolt-in! ….Unbeknown to Rob or anyone else, some short changing in the building of the motor for this good looking classic was done, having a water-pump modified to suit the a112 block with a backward spinning impeller to suit 850 meant cutting and re-welding the alloy pump, not a unknown thing to do but then to add a electric water-pump …? Not wanting to go to deep into this, must ask why a mechanic would use a head gasket that was of a Fiat 127 (903cc), on a A112(1050cc) with different piston spacing! this is a blown head gasket waiting to happen!…anyway a picture paints a thousand words as it were!

We have stripped the motor and inspected everything for that very point, removed a lot of red silicone and faulty gaskets/seals, welded up the Abarth Exhaust System and rebuilt the a112 with proper gaskets/seals, painted covers etc to suit the Lombardi/Abarth Scorpione theme!

Update 11&12/2016-With the Engine re-built, Exhaust repaired and Abarth electric water pump mounting fitted….time for the motor to go in!

Update 2017- An unfortunate thing of the pressed brass pipe, feeding the Carby with fuel (press-fit from weber themselves) popped out and sprayed fuel all over the engine bay, catching fire as Rob drove home!…very lucky not to burn much at all! So now we have sprayed the engine bay the correct colour yellow instead of black underbody and redo the engine bay wiring loom how the factory intended it to be!!


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