Fiat124Spider Restoration


This very sad looking U.S. Imported 1978 Black Fiat 124 Spider CS1 spotted on Gumtree was just sitting there for months and months. I went and spoke to the owner who had no intention to do anything with,  at the high price it sat for awhile to I bought it, mainly because I looked at it and found how clean the floor and shell really is, no rust (Yes NO Rust!!) a very straight good car in need of saving!

This build I will be starting mid-2017 and complete around end of year, will use the original motor due to it being low ‘k’ car! all other mechanicals will be looked at and replaced if needed!

This Beautiful FIAT 124Spider CS will be “For Sale” when done (was going tobe a Abarth Replica, but we have too many cars now!)


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