“Bunkie-4″ e30 S14B27(Cancelled)

Painted up to look like this!

As of late 2014 “UBER”the v8e30 has been of less interest to me (Shocking!), V8 sound is fantastic and the smell of burning rubber nice…. but  I really want to go back to the S14 Magic ,16v 4 Banger screaming fun!  The reinvented “Bunkie-4″ will have all that is seen as the old “Bunkie-2 (2.5)”, however will be a 2.7ltr DTM motor and have the E30M3 look  fibreglass body kit, guards ,bumpers and skirts only, The Evo motor from the U.K is rebuilt and in “Weet-Bix” as the street car.

Go faster bits - PPM 2.7ltr S14 Stoker Kit with Crankshaft full Polished ! Original BMW Motorsport DTM 50mm Slide-block injection manifold from  Ex-B&H Racing M3(in Gold) with Carbon fibre Airbox run by Alpha-N Engine Management, Schrick 292/284 Camshafts, BMW Group-A Alloy Fuel cell, JBR Alloy Flywheel and Grip force clutch kit, 4.27LSD with KAAS centre, AKG 3pce Alloy Group-A front suspension arm kit.

Safety bits10 point AGI bolt-in Roll-cage , Sparco Evo Seats in Custom black leather!!

Update 2016- We have a new Fibre Glass Guy ,his name hidden due to us being Ripped off,  buy a “MAD” guy that kept my e30M3 moulds and the cash to do a job!, selling very poor quality kits to unsuspecting BM Owners in Perth!! We got given several front spoilers from ripped off E30 owners over the years(what Crap!) ,The new moulds will be of better quality, mine and in my possession!!!

Update 2016- On a trip East we picked up the upgraded 2.7 Stoker crank from PPM!

Update 2017- Sold to Benny then Sold to Joel and now back to me!!!

Update 8/2018- The rolling shell is being rolled out of the “Mancave” to make way for the Abarth 850TC ….this means …its out of the mancave and off to BM-Autohaus before going to Wayne for the M3 body kit and “05 Brock” paint job!

The 2.7 Block has been and is back from Neil at the Engine shop, for bore/hone and facing…….parts are assembling on the bench for the bottom end build! …  Now the S14 block is on an engine stand ready for the internal polish!!



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