’78 ABARTH 131 Stradale’ 16v (Rep)

The Finished look - Dream !

 Unicorn Found! …a text heads up to a  1982 Fiat 131 Racing (2door)online”Trademe.co.nz” by Sam Casella was all I needed to get this vary rare car in my hands….contacted and Bought(3/2016)! Sitting in a New Zealand roll-cage shop, this was once a Rally car in it’s own right ,but now a empty shell with doors ,bonnet and boot , minimal Rust in the usual places seen and no major damage in its life, I am very happy with my purchase sofar! Only issue in looking at it- is the rough removal of the old roll-cage with the cutting away mounts inside. This will become a road going “Stradale” Version of the famous Fiat Abarth 131 Rally,Parts Purchased Ready and waiting for the car arrival ,Repro’ Abarth CD68 15×7″Alloy rims ,Abarth 2.0 16v motor (rebuilding on 132 block with lower mount disi’)  , inside the cabin- Recaro “Period” Seats for the front and a Abarth Momo steering wheel!

Update 4/2016 - (V.I.A) Application to DOTARS done and sent……..waiting, a must for Importing from New Zealand before car can even leave! Contact and organise with the shippers (Ever Global International) for transporting to Fremantle ! ….meantime, have car readied for container transport, Neil in NZ has had fitted front suspension bonnet and guards!

Update 5/2016- Import Approval (VIA) has been given……its coming to Australia! Shipping is booked

Update 6/2016-  its getting closer!…..Fremantle Port Arrival due date 17/6/2016!!!!!!!…..So after Quarantine reams me for cleaning on a car with no motor/box or even a fuel tank ,guessing should see it later the next week!….Just purchased Twin Delorto DLHA48 Carbies from eBay!!!

Update 21/6/2016- It’s Here!…just watched the unloading of the container today and move to Quarantine!!!!

Update 23/6/2016- It’s now here at BM-Autohaus! ….Stupid Mazda RX7 rear wing removed and had a lookover, yep a lot of work to do, some Muppet had cut the car harness under the dash ,but only half? Gas axed the old steel roll-cage out ,the messiest way possible!….but it’s here ,straight and minor rust for an Italian car of this age!!

Update 27/6/2016- Strip down ,put on the custom trolley and trucked to Baz the body Guy for a “2 Week” body job!

Update 7/2016-to 7/2017- 12months!!..……with the “BAZ” the “Body Guy”

Update 6/2017- Unfortunately Removed from BAZ the Body Guy with nothing done just at the 12month milestone! Now placed at home ….stored until I can find a reliable trades person !!!! As now I think I have a good Fibreglass guy and will get the kit done in a reasonable timeframe, this project will restart as the Stadale’ project in mid-2018!!!

Update 1/2018-  Fiat 131R is at the New Panel beater/Painter (Wayne)!!!…. along with a steel rear panel from a 1977 131S “Early tail light type”

Update 4/2018- Looking for my 3rd Fibreglass guy now! thinking they must breath in too much thinners or resin product….

The Original Abarth 16v motor will be rebuild later ,then make it to the Stradale’ Rep’ after a short time in the Red 131 racecar…it would be more authentic  and too expensive to destroy in a Racecar these days!

Update 8/2018- Not much happening with the body as we have Wayne busy on other resto’s …….But a set of Abarth Cromodora CD68′s arrived!!

Update 9/2018- Exhaust valves custom made from Bielstein Germany and finally on there way to me!……..


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