Daniel’s E10M2 (S14b23)

Daniel was recommended to us from a long-term BMW workshop here in Perth, that mainly specialize in newer BMW’s and Servicing, as we do mainly Bmw Performance work , Daniel came to us in his very nice Deep Blue BMW 2002 , first we put aset of  Delorto DLHA45′s on and then …….the main event, we sold him the M3 S14 motor from my showroom E30M3!!….Yes another E10M2 in the making…he even has the plates!

Update 7/2016- The 2002 has left with twin Carbies on and tuned ,complete motor is now ready for sale to another 2002 owner!….and yes he pre-sold it ,it’s GONE!

Update 9+10/2016- The Mighty o2 is back!!…with many “Extras” to be fitted, Wilwood brake system is done, all fits well but the Booster delete meant tobe a “Bolt on” ,must be for LHDrive cause no-way is it fitting this beast!… S14 to fit E10 Preparation , engine mounts and s14 sump upper fitted but the bottom will require a mod’ to miss the e10 front Cross-member! Brake lines now redone to suit duel system single master cylinder ,without the ugly heavy twin boosters on the passengers side of the engine bay!!  Reco’ LSD now fitted and a 5speed gearbox has been modified , ready for welding( DONE!)to suit the S14 timing sensors to the flywheel, then after checking the fitment of flywheel sensors  ….the S14 mates to the modified box and now in the E10!!!

Update 11/2016-  Ok S14 Alloy sump can’t fit!!! the M10 E10 tin sump cleaned up and fitted with modified oil pump, New S14 clutch kit arrived from the U.S and onto the S14 steel flywheel same day, the 5Speed box with Ireland’s gear linkage kit to suit is in…the powerplant is now in its correct position finished!…next when back from Exhaust shop, tailshaft and engine harness!

Update 12/2016- Dan’s e10 2002 is still with Andy to have primary pipes done, when back , tailshaft, oil cooler and lines ,wiring ,etc!!!….it is this time of year!!!…Bring on 2017!

Update 1/2017- Ok picked up from one exhaust expert and now of to the local exhaust shop to have the rest of the system completed!

Update 3/2017- After a short break we got back into it this month, aftermarket e30s14 Mishimoto alloy Radiator with thermo’ fan, Alloy U.K made oil cooler , all in there final positions mounted! along with fitted braded line and Aero fittings to oil cooler, from s14 oil filter housing to E10 body under front panel, Radiator hoses ,thermostat and water pipes Done!

Update 4/2017- Now onto fuel lines and system, EFI Rubber hose from s14 fuel rail to Aero fitting on e10 bulkhead, braided hose through cabin to boot with a Bosch #044 pump , filter and serge tank ,needed to accommodate the S14 Fuel Injection system with a return fuel line, more mountings and Allen head cap screws!…ok mid-month ,onto S14 back to E10 wiring, a funny mix of old and much older, removing the “Extra” wires from previous work on this one and the m10 positioning ,we now have all in the right place ! onto the ECU into the cabin, putting another hole in the E10 Firewall, making an alloy false Bulkhead/floor to cover the S14 ECU and harness, just a couple of “Earths” and the wiring is all about done, Accelerator cable and brackets to join car to s14 throtlebodies!!

Update 5/2017- With all wiring, ECU and Relays fit up done, went to test fire the Engine…..aftermarket alarm and crappy wiring put a 3hrs stop to that, when removed the engine turns over but refuses to fire-up, being a major conversion we go over all thing to see if we missed something, no we didn’t, however the TDC 6mm steel sensor block on the flywheel is missing!!! ….Now to remove the flywheel and replace sensor, checking the inside of the m10 5speed bell-housing for any obstruction that could have knocked of that 6mm block!….So Close!!

Update 6/2017- With box removed ,Flywheel replaced and Timing sensors positioned and spaced correctly…it has fired up! Now with time available (mine), the relay and sensor connections positioned on the bulkhead behind the Airbox  just like the s14 in the M3!…time to start …YES and what a lovely noise!!…. the Alternator swap back to s14 from m10 ,easier to do wiring that mod the fitting to suit old type! inlet fitted with Air flow meter mounted oil breather hoses and collector done too, its onto water header tank and paint oil cooler then fit grills!!!

Update 7/2017- 2 test spins around the block, a rethink on water return hose and a new interior carpet …it is FINISHED …so with much fan-fair and grinning faces, the “M2″ is in the hands of Dan!….ENJOY!!!


Update 11/2018- IT’S BACK…..For a Dogleg 5Spd from a e30M3….the last box couldn’t hack it …..Hahaha! ….Unfortunately we are into a full conversion here ,this not a simple gearbox swap! After a new header tank fitted , week4-the gearshift and gearbox mounting has been sorted!

Update 12/2018- Onto the tail shaft resize and with a large Guebo – E30M3 size (flex coupling), with the extra jobs of Brake and clutch masters and slave to be removed,sent out for restore and replaced, time running on, will now send tailshaft away for resizing instead of taking the time and do inhouse, this will kill 2birds and get back to completing the rest of the job! However one issue is the size of the Dogleg box, it hangs down 40mm from the m10 5Speed and is 100mm back, so the Centre bearing needs spacing to align tailshaft , back to front straight from Box to Diff!, now needing to redo wiring to reverse switch again and look over all works for quality check…..DONE!  NOW it needs a custom hose for clutch slave….Bleed the Brakes and clutch one more time…all finished!

We are done on this one and for the year!!

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