’84 Fiat 131 Volumex Spec’


The New daily driver is a 1984 Fiat 131 SuperMirafiori, This model 131 standard has a 2ltr twincam 8v motor with only 113BHP at the flywheel(yuk), we can fix that!! …this car (Not brand New) unfortunately also came with striped LHR hub (nearly killed us!) and a broken LHR wheel, 6 of 12 spokes cracked through!!…Body not bad for age ,afew unexpected bits to repair ,but it is a 80′s car when all is said and done!….Plans are to check-out the “smog motor” burning oil, replacing with a spare bits we have from a Lancia HPE (for dismantling) then adding either the twin Weber 40IDF’s and set of mild camshafts, or a Volumex Supercharger!! maybe an exhaust upgrade(but quiet!) and a RADIO that works!!

Update 1/2017- Hubs removed cleaned and drilled ready for  53mm 12×1.5 stud kit bought from ebay! replaced missing stoppers in carby ,removed self tappers holding air cleaner to carby ,replace oil wire spiral restrictor in breather hose, reattach that hose to air cleaner and remove the rice type exhaust tip, replace all worn out brake pads with Bendix Ultimates, now  just waiting on stud kit to arrive from the U.S!!!…WOW this was sitting on the edge of just falling apart!

Update 2/2017- Stud kit has Arrived!..Now to get Servicing done and ready for the FLCWA “Sams Run” on the 25th!…..Done ,Made it!...Fantastic to Drive a Fiat 131 at a Fiat Club Social type Drive!!

Update 3/2017- This month…. the whining Diff and flogged bushers need replacing…..done!!! ok a quick compression test to see if we throw the motor or just upgrade! ….or a bit tied!!…Not too bad!

Update 9/2017- Exhaust done by Jeff at Carline….Now sounds like a Fiat Twincam again!!

Update 11/2017- After using as a daily driver past 8 months….have decided to give this 131 a Birthday (if just repairing wasn’t enough) must fix the ride…Sea sickness issues!!

Update 12/2017- No Longer a Daily driver!!….Unknown to direction/use at this stage ?

Update 1/2018- Direction found!! Holiday mindset over…the Original Fiat Volumex 2ltr TC motor will now grace the 131 Supermirafiori, along with replica Abarth Rocker covers and 15×7 Mag Alloy rims!! …this nice 131 Supermirafiori has been in need of a upgrade/freshen up and some loving care its whole life!! Benny has removed the patched up Smog type 2000 TC motor, cleaned engine bay and placed Volumex motor in on its mounts!

Update 2/2018- Not much on this project but the extractors and cables in!

Update 3/2018- Transported to the other unit and stored, till we get the intake and carby to continue!

Update 8/2018- Alloy Manifolds cut welded modified……..

Update 9/2018- Sidedraft Manifold and Delorto Carby settled on for system, ported to suit Volumex supercharger , next is longer cable, linkage and air-cleaner type!

Update 10/2018- a fuel pump and Filter upgrade, Delorto Re-kitted and fitted, Linkage done with heavy duty spring return, Alternator wiring extended to suit mounting away from Supercharger, It now starts and makes a noise!!!

Update 11/2018- Radiator is exchanged for a non-Air-Cond’ type, along with mountings, water pipes etc, then off to Jeff for the single 2 1/4″ exhaust system!!

Update 5/2019- after a long break it is off to SteveB for dyno set up on Carby!!

Update 1/2022- Volumex motor complete has been sold to a Abarth 131 2door project (Frank.V) so a stock motor from another series3 will be in and car for sale!

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