Neville’s 124 16v Motor



Neville asked us to look at his 1974 124 Sport 1800 Club Spec’ car in Balcatta somewhere while selling me his Race 131! …..Back then we where just asked to “Asses” the Supercharged 124 sport for some “Club” Racing…However it didn’t take long before that Volumex motor was out and a plan from Steve.B and us with the Guy Croft prepared 16v Tipo head ,on a high revving 1800 block was formed then put into action! We pulled the volumectrico motor out of the 124(oh my!) and sent the 124 off for the new Roll-cage to be done, meantime Steve B. had a chin wag with Guy Croft with the end result ,a well sorted clean plan for the brand new Tipo head in the UK already to be fully worked by GC and sent to us for assembly with the Supermod’ 132 C1 block we are doing for him!

Update 3/2017- Guy Croft has sent some of his Magical GCRE pieces to this jigsaw! Ported and flowed Fiat Tipo 16v head with all inside done, valves seats triple spring set , wild cams , twin side draft manifold ,tooth belt drive systems for both the 25mm Camwheels and dry sump pump ! Extras from other suppliers JE pistons, Argo Rods and Chevy bearing shells!

Update 4/2017- This month starts the dirty jobs, strip and polish internal block surfaces for better oil and crud run-off , at the same time remove all cast marks and sharp edges from the 1800 crankshaft, polish (Done) then off for High Speed balancing! Flywheel for “Special Clutch” kit to be re-machined due to being fitted to a 2ltr crank, now a 1800 the flywheel bolt pattern base circle is too small, that done Neville himself is kicking off by starting the block clean-up process!……. it is always good to see someone take an interest in there motor build!

Update 5&6/2017- This sees the block moving forward with the completion of the dirty jobs(clean up to inside surfaces evenly) and modifications for dry sump fitment and drill the main bearing hole for more oil flow, at the same time blocking oil to the 4 galleries that the 16v head doesn’t use then final pressure clean and oil up!

Update 7/2017- Now all the messy things are done and cleaned away , painted the block “FIAT Grey” as requested, now with Chevy Big End bearings purchased and supplied we do the “Dummy” fit of Crank ,Rod and Pistons, to check all clearances and deck height, Fitted complete head supplied by GCRE (UK) with (used) head gasket ,tensioned down and dial-in Camshafts to see valve gap to pistons …..done!

Update 8/2017- This month strip off the head etc(the dummy fit up) and set up the timing sensor to crank, it was set up perfectly by GCRE ,but the oil feed into the front of the block for the dry sump set up hits it! With the midnight oil burning – have satisfactorily moved it 6mm to the right,clearing everything! Ring gap to all 16 rings and fit to pistons, piston/rods to block, testing rotational friction, studs for sump and fit Fiat grey painted sump to completed block, fit external Alloy mount and blanking plate, for dry sump pump, fabricate Alloy rear blanking plates and gaskets for “Tipo” cams(were the Tipo Disi’ used to be!) ,clean up the rough cast dags to the inside of the GCRE intake manifold (flap wheels and time!) ,fit stud kit provided ,affix to 16v Tipo head, head complete now including rear cam plates fitted to 1800 and ready for install to 124 Sport!…..Gearbox bell housing swap for starter on other side to suit reverse direction flow Tipo head, custom RCD Extractors fitted and sling into engine bay….Done!

Elvis has left the building!!!

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