Lancia Delta 16v (SOLD)


This very rare 1990 LANCIA DELTA HF 16V TURBO 4WD was found locked in a corner of a front yard of a local Italian mechanics workshop. It was descibed to me as NEEDS a LOT OF WORK! (this was not true!)because to many people had worked on it (to many cooks?)! This once much loved ‘Integrale 16v’ has been bolt-on modified to a point were I beleive needed a serious look at what works with what!

The pictures here show that after removing the cylinder head and finding a custom made 3mm copper head gasket that has leaking from a major oil feed to the head (front left corner) so making a major mess and can see why it failed the licencing pit inspection. After that I started looking at the rest of the car! finding the body in was in very good contition went on to buy new EVO cams and oil spray tubes due to worn lobes, had the head reconditioned and replaced guides etc, Carline Mufflers Malaga (Jeff)replaced the centre exhaust system that banged against the crossmember, due to a muffler fitted twice the size there was space for, hitting the tailshaft, with a super ‘Cat’ and mandrel bend pipe. Front and rear suspension is upgraded with top quality Powerflex bushes, headlights are being replaced with  s/s mountings from Felex in South Africa after finding a  mixture of standard high beams and what looks like Fiat 131 low beams all on broken mountings held together with springs and what looks like farm yard repair bits!

Interior?  Well the beutifull original Lancia grey Alcantera Recaro front seats have been replaced with standard red Subaru Evo WRX ones! After removing them will be reinstalling a set of original Recaros !! The gauges have been restored back to original after a cheap set of carbon fibre look sticky things were removed from over the top! and yes the speedo cables were broken too(replaced). Powerflex also do a front gearshift bush to restore the shifting from sloppy back to “Group-A”…….fantastic!

What do I like about it? Well, the Bottom end of the engine is built strong ,the wheels are genuine 17″x7.5 O.Z Racing Grandturismo WRC, it has a well sorted piggy back Autronics engine managment system to original Lancia engine managment system with twin coil packs ,upgraded crank/rods and pistons and turbo to a single 3″ stainless exhaust system  mandral bent!, the car is a unsmashed ,rust free and clean, one with full history! the original owner brought it new in Italy and with him when emigrating to Australia then with no idea for direction ,spent a lot of money on it. As I said ,was once a very much loved Intergrale!!

Action? many new parts and gaskets to restore engine bought from Tanc barret UK, Evo Camshafts and headlights from , stainless headlight mounts from Lancia Auto(Felix) in South Africa and Powerflex bush kits to all suspension and gearshift from AE-Car U.K.  Quality Head, Valves, replaced guides and Seat machining done by Neil at Engine Exchange, a 1988 Lancia Delta Integrale HF 8V was purchased for the factory 16″ wheels, Alcantara seats and lots of small original bits to restore this beautiful Delta back to original!   

**This Lancia Delta 16v is now “SOLD ” on (gone to  Howard in QLD)



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