BMW E30 JPS Resto’


We have been involved with this BMW e30 JPS and a number over the years, most that rusty they were unfortunately scraped! This one …while yes it has the factory rust and a minor tap LHR, making more rust and needing redoing, thankfully isn’t beyond help……

Owned by Iggi we came in contact with this 1985 JPS 323i a few years back when he came in looking to refresh the motor, after looking over the JPS, a plan was made for a better outcome than a quick refresh, so replacing the original motor (retained upstairs) with another 2.3 m20, he could drive and enjoy it while gathering money and special parts to do a full restore! End of 2017 Iggi came to us with a problem, he needed to reprioritise his direction and family finances for a new home, understood…..I did my homework to the truth of e30 323i JPS cars built!….ok here it is – Neither BMW or JPS at the time kept any records of production , however there is a small group of enthusiasts know as the “JPS Registry” Run by a very knowledgeable man Stewart , after forwarding the V.I.N to him saw it fits in the middle of all that are already there, has the correct Recaro seats, cloth interior type, badges ,etc…The Real Deal!

Update 1/2018- Only got this e30 in December last year so not much will happen in a rush, however some things needed to go from this car straight away, like the towbar kit and aftermarket steering wheel! done now to drive it around, find all issues before strip for restoration!….

Update 2&3/2018- Strip down to point of repairs LHR corner and rest of car for resto’

Update 4/2018- ..Done striped and off to panel beater Wayne!….a visit to the JPS showed a replaced rear mudguard section , but not finished off and painted properly, with the repair now exposed it can be done the correct way! Full rear panel removed and replaced along with rusted bottom side of mudguard in the boot.

Update 5,6/2018- Another visit to the car to check progress, slow.

Update 7/2018- Today it was decided that to replace the left rear panel completely ,due to not wanting a patchwork repair! this is the only way to go for this JPS to be a good car again! also replacing the drivers door with another without bog!

Update 8,9,10 &11/2018- Not much here on this one, it has slipped down the pecking order due to my e30M3 job and a mountain of local jobs!…still searching for the hi-lo black-grey cloth for the Recaro seats.















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